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The Oak Tree Root Ball Cavern Exploration Session

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This Page Created on March 23rd, 2008
The Oak Rootball Cavern One of the more spectacular land deformations that Katrina exercised on the Leather Oaks Garden was the huge cavern it opened up under the downed oak tree on my Western Property line. This photo shows part way down into the tunnel that resulted.
     So, you don't think I can get down there? Or that I WILL crawl down that dusty tunnel? Armed with the protection of my Heat wetsuit, nothing is too difficult. Well, this looks doable, anyway! Harold at the rootball cavern entrance
Harold backs to his destiny      You didn't think I was going to dive in to that hole head first, did you? Who would have worked the camera if I had done that? We do have our operating rules, you know!
     Reverse progress is clearly being made. At least, I got my legs out from under me, so that they can lead the way into the rootball underworld.
Harold plans his entry
Harold's in under his head      The vegatation above my head indicates that I'm already below the original ground level, and I've just begun my dirty dive!
      You know, this really feels pretty comfortable! Can I take a break now?
      The zoom lens forshortens the distance, but I'm already fully below the surface.
Under-oak rootball rest break
Harold reverse digging into the rootball cavern      Planning the camera angle had been a signififant part of this job, and maybe I didn't get it exactly right!
      Is it pure cowardice that keeps me backing in to the tunnel? Seemed the easiest way at the time, since I wasn't really sure how far in I could get.
     Is it time for a break now? Well, I'm taking one anyway.
      You know, it's really amazing that there haven't been any ceiling collapses yet. The ground is awfully dry looking overhead.
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Caver Harold on a rest break