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Black Knuckled Narratives ! ?
     I've many stories, fantasies and follies that can't be easily displayed in photos.    When you see the link on the left, it's your opportunity to grope for more of what's behind the man in leathery rubber.   Conversely, if you'd rather Not know the thoughts of manly interactions I might be entertaining, then please, "Don't Push" ! !"
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What do cowhides have to do with large, gnarly trees? We're not speaking Tannic Acid here, folks! Why Leather Oaks?
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From weight lifting belts and linesman's gear:  Why should draft horses wear all the good stuff? Harnessed Enthusiasms
Rubber Themes New Content! ! See Harold right rubber wrongs, polish latex and neoprene lustily!   500+ new photos!
It's a Wild, Wadery World ! ! New Content ! ! Over 200 new & Wild, Waderful photos! !  Wader Bed, move over for Wadery World ! !
Welcome to my Garden ! Nights & Days of BellTowers, Streams, Ponds, Orange-booted Rubbermen & Big Frogs!
Two decades of Leathered and Rubbery Cards from Leather Oaks! Christmas Card File
At long last -- My very own Playroom, with a view:   Suspension within sight!! Tower Power!!
Lycra and Mud?  A sensuous, almost erotic Resonance with this Rubbery Leatherman! ManClingy Feelies & Thingies
The old Maidenform Bra ads have nothing on us!   Male Bulges made beautiful. Masculine Mounding
Celebrating over a quarter-million fully leathered miles on steel steeds of two and three wheels!! Motorcycling through Life
Everybody's Site has one, it seems, and I wouldn't want you to feel shortchanged!! The LeatherOaks Update Page
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