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Rubber Waders in Man-Workin' Situations!

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      Hurricane Ivan really didn't cause me that many problems, but there were a few small limbs to remove from the Garden.  Pine tassels were everywhere, it seemed! Pine Tassel Removal Detail
Neptune observing Garden Detail       The deepest shadows and most leaf debris is near Neptune's Knoll.   Of course, King Neptune closely observed all that went on around him!  The Hodgman Slim-ankle waders are sporting brand new-clean tops and muddy feet.
      You think I can clean all of this up with just a garden hose?   Maybe I'll just rinse my new boots off instead! Getting ready for Hip Boot Rinsing
Irrigation Worker Standing Pipe       A few years back, I added a sprinkler system to get my yard and garden greener with less effort.   Of course, I first had to hand-dig all of the trenches for the new pipe.   Considering the effort invloved, I probably wasn't dressed in this gear at the time.   But every job needs a good photo-op, and this was a nice clean location!
      One thing that was true to life about this photo was walking the pipe.   I found trhough sad experience that it was best to stand on the pipe while pulling the dirt back in the trench, then walk it down.   Made sure it didn't float back to the surface in the first rain!
      You've probably already recognized those Yellow-Trimmed waders from Iron Age.   The shirt is actually the visble part of a molded latex bodysuit.   The shorts are neoprene Kayaker's.   I think this photo was probably instrumental in my adding key clips to most of my lifting belts:   It looked so tacky seeing my keys hanging across my bulge!
Pipe-setting Irrigation Worker!
Endless Pool Foundation Inspection       About a year ago, in an excess of enthusiasm, I got this itch for a swimming machine of my very own, the celebrated Endless Pool!  I prevailed upon the good efforts of a couple of firemen friends to use their off-duty time to build and pour the foundations.   The Endless Pool instructions are very picky about the quality of the pour.   Here, I'm checking my buddies' work, my Pro-line Green Chesters allowing me to get close to the job and still stay warm and dry.   Yeah, Sure !!
      There's two ways we can explain this:  Either I'm very much into bondage, and thought that wearing hobbles would add to the edge in my twice-yearly Chinese Bamboo thinning.   Alternatively, I figured that adding the extra gear would bring an element of fun to a needed but less than enjoyable occupation.   "Both of the above" is the perceptive answer, and the NorthWest Territory brown Chesters always look at their best with a wide Linesman's harness as an ersatz belt! <Brown ChesterMan attacks Chinese Bamboo!
Pond Cleaning as a Public Service       Well, this is something different.   Harold in rubber, in public AND working!!   The Gulf Coast Pond Society has for many years sponsored the Gulfport Public Library pond as its major public project.   A couple of springs ago, they actually scheduled a cleanup day that I could attend.   Everyone was gingerly trying to clean things from the shore, as it were, or through use of the one pair of hip waders a member had brought.   Then, I arrived on the scene attired to fully and immersedly attack the problems at hand!
      It was my job to replace each planter in position, and also to rescue some of the hundreds of coins Library patrons had thrown in the water.   Here I was taking a break from all of that bending and stooping.   The Rocky brown neoprene chest waders, over my Ironman Triathlon suit were the perfect combination for that early spring morning in pretty cool water.  Of course, occasionally I had to straighten my back. Pond Cleaner at rest!
Netting leaves and other debris       Well, it's back to work, this time netting all of the debris and leaves that our earlier activity had stirred up.  Don't I make that job look easy?
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