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Sharply Trimmed, Man-Pleasin' Rubber Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Well Hallelujah and Praise RUBBER!!  A photo of classic UniRoyal "Syren" fireboots, the Nasty Pig bulgefront trunks and my favorite rubber cap, all burnished and gleaming under a bright tropical sun.   Well, actually the day in sub-tropical Biloxi was overcast, but you get the idea.   Certainly the proximity to my newly-engineered waterfall helped make the pose most enjoyable!!  Perhaps you didn't even notice my bulge, so tastefully was it presented<G>? Syren Fireboots at Pond Side
Syren Boots Tower Power Pose       Same Syren boots, but an entirely different pose!   A similar photo was used as one of my Christmas Cards a couple years back, but this one highlights the boots more directly.   The chaps worn between wetsuit and boots was a real neat feeling, and makes for a classily alternative outfit for public wear!
     Will we never see the end of those pesky Iron Age Waders?  Well, this is a different pose, I guess.   Someone abandoned a pair of vinyl chest waders at my place a while back, and I've strived manfully to find a proper application for them.   They're not very fault-tolerant, so wearing hip boots over them seemed necessary.  I'm thinking we'll save further views of this outfit for the Playful Waders Page! Yellow Trimmed and Vinyl waders
Red-trimmed Waders and Jeans      A slightly fuzzy Rubber Outreach photo.  It's the Century 2000s mated up with red-striped neoprene jeans and a black rubber bondage collar shirt!
     If you really want to hear your calves complain about massive muscle abuse, try walking two hours on a rough trail wearing the Ranger Firemaster Boots!   It was a great walk, and one I was glad to have survived.   You might guess that this photo was made before the walk began.   You'd most certainly be right! Trailside with the Ranger Fire Boots!
Bongee-slingin' Syren Fireboots!       The DeRoy Bondage Vest from Mr. "S" very nicely highlights my bulge through intervening neopene.   The Bongee Sling offers a most enjoyable form of suspension, not so stationary as regular slings tend to be.   The Syren fire boots were obviously tough enough for the pleasurable task at hand.
      Almost the same outfit as two photos ago, but twenty miles closer to home, and three years newer.   In fact, this is just a hundred paces North of my house.   Once I find comfortable, practical combinations, I keep revisiting them! Ranger Boots at Home marsh!
Ranger Firemasters and Black Latex!       One final view of my Ranger Firemasters, and perhaps the earliest at that!   Must have been twelve years ago, and I'd not discovered the great outdoors that much with my rubber.  I think the latex tanktop and trunks were probably from Heretic.
     Those Iron Age boots must have a tremendous lobby!  I guess the excuse this time is the strange latex wraps on my arms.   Some of you may not have seen my duck tail trunks, made from the beavertail of an old wetsuit. Yellow-trimmed boots and latex arm wraps
Servus Fireboots and Beuchat wetsuit       We've just about come full circle with this second photo of my oldest fireboots and one of my newest wetsuits.   The Servus Fire Boots sport what they call "Reflekshun Protekshun" and it still works very, very well!   The flash from the camera totally overpowers, even though in normal light, the reflective areas look very dark and dingy.
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