Playful Wadery World, Page Five

Rubber Waders in Man-Pleasin' Situations!

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Mercy!   It seems those wader boot toes are set and ready to battle my bulge!!   Well, it if has to be, I'm ready to enjoy it manfully.   Bruise on, oh boots , or however Shakespeare put it. Boot-toes Batter Melon Bulge!
Boot-braced Melon Bulge       Well, it does appear that two wader boots frame my Melon Briefs very adequately, and I am pleased to report internal approval, too!   I think stooping was more or less necessary to provide room for the boots.   I'm glad that it felt as satisfying as it came out photographically!!
      Thank goodness, me and the waders seem to have made our peace!   Isn't this an idyllically rubber pose?   I wonder what could be done to improve on it? Woodlands Waders Bulge Cradle
Woodlands Wader Finale!       Seems the whole hip waders family wants to get in on the scene, and who am I are to argue!   I'd say it's going to be hard to top this show!
      Remember the end of the Garden session with the Naked Woodlands Chesters and those frisky Rangers?   Well, my wader-friends and I talked it over to see if we couldn't get the three of us together even more personally.   Someone (it might have been Ranger) suggested his boots were getting cold and couldn't he come inside? Internally Booted Woodlands
Making room for the Rangers       Well, there's only so much room inside even such capacious waders as the Naked Woodlands, so what could I do to make more space?   I figured that indoors it was warm enough I didn't really need those heavy Melon Foam briefs.   Sure hope the Ranger's toes are smooth<G>!
      That devilish Ranger is daring me to have a seat, but I'm still getting used to the sensations of two boots replacing my briefs!   The gentle public is spared most of the visual details, but if you will note the seat-side of the right hip, you may get an idea of the source of my excitement! Standing and Internally Booted!
Booted and Seated on Rubber       Well, I'm awfully sorry I waited so long to try this:   It adds an extra edge to the phrase "booted excitement", for sure.   Ranger sure has some kinky ideas for such a tame looking little hipper!
      Oh, yeah!   This is a goood position, too!   In fact, as I got more confidence in Ranger's intimate presence, we had an awfully pleasant afternoon together, me and my savvy Naked Wader buddies!
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