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Chest-high Alternative Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      This photo is from my Scientific Observation Department, and was included by special request.   All of the really wild shots are included in the Playful Waders Section, but this one shows a bunch of neat details I would like to belabor.   The vinyl waders (from Kmart, and dirt cheap) have rivetted-on elastic suspenders:   You can just make out the ends above the Power Force belt.   The Linesman's High-tension gauntlets are usually held in place with some straps I couldn't find.   The inner tube rubber yoke, with the big fender washers and wing nuts, was my more interesting solution!   It almost appears that I was wearing some other gear just below my thighs, but I suspect that's just internal layering in the Iron Age Hippers.   Okay, Class Dismissed, for now! Vinyl Waders Tutorial Pose
Tri-Layer Chesters Hand-pleated       Well, finally, we get to see the Pro Line Chesters without that heavy lifting belt.   Yes, there is some extra material down there!   I think this is why Neoprene has so nearly taken over the Chest Waders field!   You see why I usually use a lifting belt with Chesters now, eh?
      Did you know that my Woodlands Neoprene Chesters were Thrift Shop finds?   Think I paid about five dollars for them!   They do have a couple of small leaks where the boots meet the neoprene body, but a little Goop will fix them soon, I'm thinking! Wader-boot Framed Melon Bulge
Still so much cane?!?!       Weren't we in about the same place on the previous page??  It appears to me I'd best get moving forward in time, not backwards!!
      See, don't they look better with the lifting belt?   Good bulge definition too.   The boot sections of these Pro Line Chesters aren't particulary attractive, but they seem to have downplayed all contrast in favor of function.   Neat padded knees.   Have you figured out why no one else bid on them?   The felt soles are great on carpet, and maybe in rocky mountain streams, but treacherous on smooth surfaces.   It is fun to ski across my tile and vinyl floors, though, polishing them as I go!! Belted & Bulged Tri-layer Chesters!
Woodlands Neoprene Details       So far as I've been able to determine, there's no manufacturer's marking on these waders anywhere.   Old as they are, they were made in China!  The boot sections are insulated, they say, and the cleat pattern is pretty neat.
      Well, one thing seems pretty clear:   These Chesters don't lend themselves very graciously to the "Wader Trousers" look!   Besides, that plastic hardware on the suspenders can sort of smart when it finds bare skin unexpectedly!!
This way to the Waders Selection Page!      Well, you've done it yet again.  This was the last photo in the Neoprene Waders Section!   If you'd like help in returning to the Waders main page, please click my jockpouch.
Tri-layer Chesters as Wader Trousers
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