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Brown Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      Looks like I was wrong, there are actually more different brown waders than any other color!   We'd best get right to play<G>! In just over a year, I've gone from zero to three pairs of waders from the Hodgman name!   You've seen the other two on the Green Wader page, and here we come with the Hodgman entry in Brown Wader World!   They're called "casters" for reasons that are not clear.  Given their deep brown coloration, obviously that makes them "Chocolate Casters", so they get the "CCW" code in the LeatherOaks Rubberdrobe Directory! Chocolate Casters by the Fridge
Stairway Casters       Some of my best initial gear poses seem to be done on the Central Staircase at Leather Oaks!   The Chocolate Casters are very tall waders, which makes them a good pairing with my not very long Waffled Neoprene Shorts.
      A great open spread crotch view, that emphasises the length of these waders. WideCrotch Casters on the Staircase
Chocolate Casters on the Staircase II       A little more stable pose, and it does appear to be fairly comfortable!
      A new copy of a favorite pair of boots!   Pro Line waders from the eighties I found unsold up in Alaska.   The background is a great view of my Wader Wall, with the Rubber Frieze above it.  Don't those pouchfront trunks give a great basket?   That's practically un-enhanced, I'd like to inform you! Pro Line Waders by Rubber Frieze
Rear View ProLine Waders       The T-back of my Cargo Vest.   I'd never known what a great look it produces until doing this set of photos.   There are a total of eight rubber icons on my Rubber Frieze, ranging from a very large, Green Frog, to an early scuba diver and . . . .!
      Am I a hose monitor in this photo?  I've been making a conscious effort to keep my eyes open when taking pictures.   Seems I was almost by reflex closing them at the exact moment the shutter opened!  Did I mention that the big fascination with these waders is that they are from the same exact design as those I wore on the Hot Garden page!  If you want to side track over there right now, here's a link:Harold's Sweat Garden this Way!!
ProLine Waders and the Hose Box
ProLine Waders with closed Eyes       See what I mean?   I'm working on it, honest!!  Copius quantities of ArmorAll were expended to bring you these glistening Brown Rubber Waders!
      Should these waders have been included in the "Trimmed" section, or can we just ignore the yellow line in their sole?   These boots were very clearly advertised by an eBay seller as "Black Rubber Waders".   I sort of wondered because he also included a photo of the NorthWest Territory box.  Yes, they are very dark brown! Dark Brown Waders and Woodlands Camouflage Leathers
Press on for more Brown Hip Waders!       The other neat thing about these boots is they're plenty tall, too, even with the Woodlands Camouflage shorts.  Gloves just happened to be handy, and they are rubber, even though I'm not sure a linesman ever wore this style of boots!
      We've come to the half-way point of our Brown Rubber Waders Programme. Please click on the photo at left to continue our tour!
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