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Pond Rubber Briefs and Hoods
and Inner tube Rubber Jocks and Masks

This page was last updated on: May 9th, 2005
     I bet you're probably hoping to see more photos of Keith's marvelous laced inner tube Executioner mask, but maybe you can wait while my rubber nose grows.   Yup, I call this Keith's Pinnocchio mask.  The good news is it's even more roomy that the regular GIMP mask.  Can you really play it like a flute?   Pinnocchio Mask
Pinnocchio Mask, Take Two      This photo show the full extent of "Pinn's" rubber nose.  Goodness, didn't the guy ever tell the truth?  
     Here's a profile view of the Pinnocchio mask.   You can catch the racing bike heritage of his nose in this pose, as the tube's curve is clearly evident. Profile View of Pinnocchio Mask
Cat Burglar in Red Leather!        The cliché burlar mask, in genuine black rubber!!  I'm sure his frequently zippered red leather jacket will assure him an honored place in the next Burlgar Lineup down at the Precinct House!
       Remember Jason, my headless rubberfriend from the Wader Bed page? !  Once in a while we actually get him downstairs, and this time he wanted to try his hand at the long-nosed mask.   Good show, Jason, think I'll join you! Jason and Pinnocchio Mask
Two Hooded Rubber Beings        Well, I guess you can still tell us apart?   I'm the one in the red Taekwando jock!
       When I got into my swim gear, Jason decided he had to try the other GIMP Hood.   I do believe it fits him better, don't you? Mr. Rubber Durante and Jason
Hooded Executioner and Jason       Well, here's another abrupt change of pace!!  While Jason was looking the other way, I whippped into the Executioner's Hood.
      Is the Executioner berating our little friend for some imagined infraction?   Surely not!!
      Here's Keith's e-mail addres again:   I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.  Wild Acorn Bear 
Executioner admonishment?
Swimming Executioner!       Well, swimming is not impossible while wearing this mask.   But if you should find other outfits to be more practical, I won't blame you at all!
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