Endless Suits -- Page Two

Swimming Endlessly in a Surfer Natural Tank Suit
More or Less, but always Enjoyably!!!

This page was last updated on: January 7th, 2006
     Surfer Natural!   I was finally able to read the name on this suit!  I found it in an online auction about two years ago, and it's become an instant and perennial favorite.  It was sold as being a Triathlete's suit, but I had wondered because of the rather heavy nature of the neoprene, especially the nylon-covered areas from the knees down.  Surfer Natural makes a lot more sense! Tough-Bulgin' Surfer Natural!
Spa Float Surfer Natural         My Spa Float always tries to steal the show, but we ride him unmercifully when we can!  These two photos come from a remarkable collection of a couple dozen that my new rubber friend Mack (RubberSoldier on Rubber Zone) and I took on one of his visits.  We both really got into water-based rubber games, and kept coming up with new ideas for photos. So watch out for the spray, here we come!!
        It had been a remarkable summer, with lots of good sun and swim time, in my first ten months of Endless Swimming.  The warm October day seemed to say, "Relax and Explore"!  Am I wondering where my Bulge came from? Bulge A-Risin'!
Surfer Natural Float Rider        There's a lot more manuevering room in my Endless Pool than there was in the Hot Tub.   One just corrects course and continues:   Is this called "one leg up"?   Sure glad Mack's paying attention!  This is one of several pictures you may click on to see them in larger format.
        Nyaahh!  Bet you can't do this!   Warm water, warm friendship and warm sun sure brings out the play in this old rubberman! Nyaahh! Bet you Can't!
Surfer Natural Departure?        Sometimes I hardly know whether I'm coming or going!   I bet it would be pretty hard to swim if the current started about now!
        I didn't see Mack push the Current button on, but all of a sudden, I'm in a churning maelstrom!  Where did I put my life vest, anyway?! White Water Rafting in a Pool??!!
Snoring in Rubber?       Am I yawning or yelling?  Sure can't be boredom in this environment, so I'm guessing it's just aquatic relaxation.
       This such a pretty picture!!   I love the way the blue of the water picks up on the liquid wet rubber.   Sensual can be strictly visual and still be effective! Blue Water Rubberman
Profile Propulsion Perch        Bird cages have them.   Some fish are named after them.  But I really like this new Perch on the Endless Pool Propulsion Unit.  Seems to bring out my best/worst posing instincts!!
        I am propelled to look the world directly in the rubber eye!  Bet you can't lick this!!
      Humph!!  The page didn't seem Endless at all to me!  Please click my leatherjock, so we can get on to Endless Suiting, Page Three . . . . Suits me to Swim Endlessly!!!
Power Unit Perch
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