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Holiday at the Railroad Tracks!

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The Rubber Card

Ironman Railroader Harold      Already we're at the third year of double-fold cards. The rubber card again this year was perhaps a mite tamer than its leather companion, so I think we'll start with it.
      Two thousand nine has definitely been the Year of the Railroad. That is, the Rubber & Rawhide Railroad, of course! While the line began last year, this first full year of operations has been filled with exciting firsts. Almost every photo on this card highlights some aspect of the line's continuing expansion all over the Greater Leather Oaks area.
      The card's cover photo features a "new", ten year old wetsuit from IronMan, along with my old favorite Uniroyal Siren fireboots. Ironman suits have this unique sheen that makes them always appear wet and ready even on dry land!
      The photo at right highlights the first of two out takes from the same photo session: With a name like Ironman, and in proximity to iron rails (Well, brass anyway), we'd almost have to look more closely! Here, Harold bulges defiantly, his gaze towards the railroad horizon. On these and many of the remaining photos, the link is to a larger and sometimes more inclusive view of the same image.
Profile Bulging Ironmnan

Glistening Knuckled Bulge!

* * * WEB Extra * * *

Or, actually the second one. The locale for these first three photos are all at the Diver's loop on the Rubber & Rawhide. This former chief bottleneck of the line has been reinvigorated by the newly installed double track. Of, course, Harold had to do some dbuble-tracking of his own, legs spread so confidently!
The first of three interior photos in the Rubber Card was this one featuring a wetsuit that was actually wet! It's the Aquaman "Blitz", and of course the site is the Leather Oaks Memorial Bell Tower. Since the addition of its new cool blue lighting system, the MBT has become a featured evening destination on the R&R. The greeting on the Card's third page read,

Rubbery 2009 Greetings from Leather Oaks!

Memorial Bell Tower Wetsuiter

Wired on the fenceline

* * * Wired on the fenceline * * *

     Last year, we gave Web visitors a couple of extra photos featuring my modified Aquaman Pulsar suit! In keeping with the railroad motif, with the rails being brass, we thought a bronze codpiece would be a more appropriate accessory! The locale is the under construction trackage paralleling the South fence line of Leather Oaks.

Well, of course, this suit got used in some ways that did NOT make the card (but may become a whole page later). Those who remember the green rubber monkey may have an inkling of what to expect: We offer this single photo as a hint. Oh, the fence behind my shoulder is eight feet high!

Tree sitting Rubberman

Heart to Heart with Julio Julio and I go way back. Perhaps that's why he thinks he has such big say in operations of the Rubber & Rawhide Railroad. This past Spring we were "discussing" trackage rights across his end of the front porch.

Oh, I see, since you put it that way, Julio. We'll remove that other track right away!

Julio in the ascendant

Kneeling Track worker      The bronze age bulge set was just too good to limit to one or two poses. Do you suppose there are any openings for human tunnels on the Rubber & Rawhide payroll?
The fourth page included a thumbnail sized version of this strange photo. The caption read,

We're standing on our head to
make Rail Travel Better!

Headstanding Harold

The Leather Card

Leather Harold at Diver's Loop      Because I've been so busy this past year working on the railroad, I've not taken as many photos. In fact, when December rolled around, a thorough and exhausting search uncovered not a one "Leather" photo. There were a few mixed mode shots, as I call them. But my leather afficianados will brook no compromise! It's got to one hundred fifteen percent leather for them, and that's the absolute minimum! So, on December 4th, the undersigned spent about an hour piling on more and more leather to try to please his finicky public. As in the rubber card, though, the real focus is on the Railroad. The Leather "cover" Photo was this exquisitely tasteful pose, two of the Rubber & Rawhide Railroad's finest trains forming the backdrop.
The legend on Page three of the card continues, "I'm bound to inform you that it took 23 pounds of leather and steel to contain my enthusiasm . . . " but didn't explain how he came to be astride the two tracks just South of the Diver's Loop!
Leather Harold Straddles the Trains

Diver's Loop Bench Testing

Leather Lord of the Rails

     The same bench, but both the camera and the trains have moved! This whole series of photos would have been less attractive before the completion of my new eight-foot privacy fence The fence has allowed me to once again enjoy the West side of my yard!
The next photo, the fourth on the card, actually shows two different though similar poses, both at the Leather Oaks emblem on my garage. The card's main caption follows:

Leathery 2009 Greetings from Leather Oaks!

Leather Harold of Leather Oaks

Awkwardly Kneeling Leatherman

* * * Web Extra * * *

     It's rather difficult kneeling while wearing twenty-odd pounds of not very yielding rubber and steel, but that didn't stop me from trying. Perhaps the somewhat pained expression was why this one didn't make it onto the printed card!
The rear of the Leather Card featured the photo at right. The caption read as follows:

The trains are coming!
The trains have arrived!!

At least in this online version, one can actually make out the trains!
Looka there at the little trains!
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