Working Rubber

How to Build a Good Rubber Sweat!

This page was last updated on: July 5th, 2003
    The big problem with taking the Litter Patrol photos is always that it's an exhausting job, and photography is not the first or even third or fourth thing on my mind when I finish my rounds on Saturday morning.  This July has been so wet, that it's been strangely invigorating, and I finally decided that today would be a good day, and the gear I'd already chosen for comfort and protection, would really make a great story, too!  The Glazed Litter Patrol Glare
Blue Gloves and Intexse Gaze       Careful observers of this site will note that the sign has changed. Actually one sign was stolen a couple of years into my Litter Patrol "reign". The County Beautification lady and I selected a more visible spot, so I'd be able to watch daily for any tampering. This new sign also rides lower to the ground, so posing "propreitary" images featuring both the sign and yours truly are much easier, and the sun is a little more cooperative, too.
    There now, you see, I CAN  smile, and it's not just from having finished an "eight bag" litter day, either!  Those of you whom are aware of my interests in liquid enjoyment, both fresh and recycled, may have a clue of some of the benefits a rubberman can find in picking up other's refuse! Smiling Litter 'Controller'!
Burnished BulgeMaster on Patrol       One of my bettter "working" poses, I think. A great bulge, from the owner's viewpoint, and I thing an inspiring bulge for others who might view it.
    I've never been one who could sit still for long, no matter how good the rubber might feel (not to mention appearances <G>), so I soon tire of sedentary rubber. And I can't always take to the open road.
     But there's always some intersting project that just has to be done. More often than not, I do the heavier projects in heavy neoprene!  This set finds me contemplating a drain project at my front porch!
    Leather afficianados may note that I'm wearing a rugged unlined shirt against the cool morning air.
Morning Drain Gazing
Rubber Hoe Operator       Those two drain covers you saw in the photo above are going to connect to existing drains pipes under the gravel bed. But first I've got to move enough gravel out of the way!!
      It would have made for a better photo if I had stooped instead of bending over, wouldn't it??
      One drain cover is already in place, and the other one is going to fit!
      Great view of my inner-tube rubber ball cap, though!
Drain Basin Fitter
Guarding Drains from Gravel      Time to start back-filling the gravel, but wait!!   I just bet it will save me a lot of work if I cover the drains before operating that hoe!!
      Almost done now!!  Why am I coming out with extra gravel?  On a practical level, I'm not as dry as I look.   Inside the neoprene is one Sweat-drenched guy!!   The day was cool enough that I forewent the hose this time, though <G>.
      This is one of my favorite rubber outfits, and you'll be seeing much more of it with other ensemble pieces, as I mine more unpublished photos!
Rubber Hoedown
Gravelworker Harold Reports Success       What a relief, I'm done, and the project came out pretty well.   We'll see how it fares on our next gully-washer!
      There are some inside pursuits I follow that also involve work, believe it or not!!   Here I'm manfully plying the rubberworker trade,applying snaps to yet another unmentionable project.  Or, should I just admit that I've forgotten what I was doing?  The waders are classic Tingley Rubber, from about 1990. Working Tingley
Tingley-attired Concentration      The Tingley Chest Waders are most interesting products.   I think I mentioned that they're over 50 inches circumference at the top, but only about 44 inches, to the top.  So, that does seem to call for more concentration, or at least staying a little short of deep water!!
     I've mentioned that I do the Litter Patrol on my road:   It's a messy, dirty job, and I love it!   I try to never miss a week, even in our foreshortened "winter".   Sometimes that requires a creative approach to apparel, though.   When I found these neoprene Chest waders, from Remington, via Sportsmen's Guide, I saw another potential solution.  The photo at right was made one wet and frosty morning last winter.  My full-length neoprene wetsuit shirt, along with the "chesters" made it a warm, snug trip!! Brown Neoprene Worksuit
Red & Black Construction      Another inside project, from a year ago.  My built-in bookcases were beginning to get crowded, so it was time to add another section, on the only Study wall available.   Of course, I immediately thought rubber, and decided on my new CodPiece shorts from Recoil.557.   Naturally I included the sleeveless Tee shirt they had included, too.  Needless to say, these photos were made during very early stages of the project!
     From what turned out to be mostly a pose and play sesssion, here are two more photos, showing an attempted attack on the ample supply of weeds.  (A weed is simply a good plant in the wrong place.)  For the camera, I was able to find a few misplaced plants.  There are several more photos of these waffled Nudeoprene shorts, but you'll find them soon enough, I'm thinking!! Waffled Yardworker!