Military Green

Olive Drab Latex and Surplus Chemsuits

This page was last updated on: July 1st, 2004
Olive Rubberman    The folk at Recoil.557, also known as "Dirty Rubber Bleepards" (or words to that effect) have sone neat fitting gear.   I especially like their pouch front shorts, available in several sexy colors.  Of course, I chose olive drab, along with their sleeveless Tee shirt of the same hearty hue.   The gloves are English Militiary Surplus chem gear, I'm told.
     This sequence of photos was taken in the Rubber Room of my garage.

     I am looking rather snooty, aren't I?   Well, it's a German one, if that matters!
Olive Rubberman in Profile
Seated Olive Rubberman       Seated and peering downward at the camera lens, the olive Rubberman feins disapproval while radiating . . . etc, etc, etc.   The OD utlity belt and harness worked real well with the latex, I thought!  Those Kelly geeen boots are from Cover Up, of England.   I think they claim that fishermen use them.
      There must be someone or something in the offing that I'm watching! Seated Olive Rubberwatcher
Olive Rubberman Sprouts Booted Arms!       Golly, what happened to my arms, they seem to have developed some sort of black rubber covering?!  It surely wasn't too much flesh showing for this family site, was it?  I could say my arms were getting cold, but more likely I just thought it would be fun to add more boots to the factors!
      Those black boots with the round balls on their sides seem to have gravitated downwards.   When sold to me, I was told that they were English Rubber Worker's boots. Olive Rubber and Black Worker's Boots
      We go to great lengths to maintain a clean, wholesome appearance on our site.  In fact, sometimes, we soak, soap and rinse everything in sight!  When I found this suit on the floor of an Albuquerque surplus store, the arms and legs were badly wrinkled and partially stuck together.
      After working open as much of the seized folds as I could with ArmorAll and patient coaxing, it was clearly time for some water therapy! 
Clean Rubber
      We're ready to discuss that next expected outbreak of fresh air in the Leather Oaks Garden.   That long, green strap hanging down?  Well, there is an attached hood, but the circumstances didn't seem to require it. Professor Chem Suit
Seated Chem Suit Operator       After all of that heavy pontificating, of course I must take a rest on a convenient concrete block.   I hope your weren't expecting to be spared basket emphasis with my wearing such an excesssively voluminous suit.  The "Crotch Harness" is my take on those safety harness rigs that professional tower climbers get to use.   I started with the naughtily named "Power Fuck" belt from Leather Creations, and added a through the crotch cross of leather strips.   The paper clips holding the strips in place at my hips have now been replaced with brass buckles.
      Same suit and harness, different view.   The harness really works well with wetsuits, too!   I'm sure there'll be some photos soon. Side view of Harnesss-defined Chem Suit
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