Masculine Mounding

Bountiful Bulges Made Beautiful

This page was last updated on: November 2nd, 2001
For long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the powerful curves of a good male basket.  Bare equipment has little appeal, but a man's personal equipment, confidently protected in a jockstrap, or forcibly contained in a snug- fitting bikini, has always been a breathtaking sight for me.  When, as a youth,  I drooled over Cypress Gardens Skiers or fantasized about body-builder physiques, I
hoped someday to be
able to emulate some
of those hearty
role models! 
Somehow along the way, I began to reach out and live a few of my fantasies.  In discovering leather, and a couple of glove soft bikinis, I finally was able to find the freedom for wearing comfortable and brief attire in an outdoor setting!  Then I taught myself how to sew leather, and made gear that fit the way I wanted to be seen!
{The background for this page is the same grey inset pouch bikini, ten years after I first made it!}

Bikini Bulges
Ah, the feel of oiled leather on sweaty skin, and note --  no socks.  A favorite summer outfit for years!
Brown Codpiece & Shades
A closeup.  The big photo might be a copy in brown leather of this original from Mr. S.
Black Codpiece Closeup
      With the introduction of another find from Mr. S, their wonderful Laced Pouch Front shorts, my bulge was beginning to, well, bulge!!
      The lace-side tanktop was from a firm called Black on Black Leathers, in San Diego.   The sadly underexposed boots are of rubber equestrian stock.
Laced Scrimmage Shorts & Tanktop
Expectations Zipper Thong       What was under those shorts?  Only my male equipment, contained tastefully in this zipfront bikini from Expectations. There would be more later, Honest ! More of a thong in its briefness, a certain David in England traded it to me for Leather "Reading Material"!

JockUps and Bountiful Bulges

   I could devote a whole Web Site to JockUps, a marvelous neoprene insert for conventional jockstraps originally developed by a reclusive gentleman in Massachusetts!  In Fact, you can go there right now!!Inside JockUps!
    To telescope a very long story, discovering JockUps and the wonderful way they enhance a man's basket both visually and erotically has done wonders for my outlook! In the background photo, there are one or two JockUps under my bikini.
      Alas, even on the Gulf Coast, one can't live exclusively in bikinis and shorts.  Eventually, there must be dress pants.  I really liked the impressive jockstrap definition, and it felt even better than it looked!! Bulgy Slacks
Red Levis Built Basket      A closeup of my red leather jeans.  There are two JockUps mounded under my Team Duke, and you can just make out the jockpouch ridges.

Doctor's Orders

     The Dr. said I was going to have to start wearing looser gear.    I couldn't argue, since it meant more breathing room for my male equipment.   The photo below is just a hint of where my bulge displays have been heading recently.   Stay tuned ! !
In a summer Sunday favorite, here I'm ready for Church, with a comfortable leatherjock sandwiched between three JockUps > > > >
     The tan pouch on my hip is the downside of building body-hugging jeans with no pockets.  Military surplus serves many customers!
Sunday Leathers
Leatherman on a rubberbooted sea      If by some chance you've already visited my WaderBed page, you may be interested to know that leather can be worn over rubber, and still allow a man to produce and display satisfying bulges!
     Out of sight but fully functional were a couple of Jockstraps sandwiching three JockUps, latex bermuda-length shorts and latex sock waders.
     Why can I remember all of this with such clarity, you might ask?   Well, it was also the occasion of the second time I've run my trike's gas tank dry, about a mile and a quarter each way to the nearest gas station.  When I got home, there was over a pint of sweat in each wader!!