Knuckled Narration

Groping Towards Rubber and Leather Wellness

Well, you're a nervy soul, aren't you?

Or, unsuspiciously trusting??  Well, I hope you find it well-deserved!

     After all of that buildup, I don't have a single one ready for publication, but to quote Huddy Ledbetter (on the subject of Christmas) "They're coming, They're coming", just the same.

     I guess the best way to descibe these pages is that they'll be "touchy feely" but in (sometimes) rather classy ways.

     And many times they'll challenge standard definitions: Some would dismmiss this photo as masturbation concealed.  That's not my intent or general experience at all.  But certainly there's a lot of genital awareness in my daily life.  To me, leather and rubber, closely worn, feel awfully well, and a goodly part of that wellness is my perhaps fully developed sensuality.

     So, when I grope, pat or backhand my pouch, am I gonna climax or something more . . . ?  Or, am I going to take a deep breath, thank the gods of lustful development for lots of well-tuned nerve endings, and smile smugly!

Do I ever share any of these lustful enthusiasms, one-on-one, with other lustful men?  I hope that you'll find vicarious appreciation in my stories, and leave the absolute measure of verisimilitude they represent for some other venue.