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Have you hobnobbed with a Roman god recently?

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November 10th, 2014
One of the chief advantages of life at Leather Oaks is the opportunity to spend quality time with a mythical Roman god. Despite his imperious bearing, Jupiter is a pretty good listener. One might be surprised at how close he resides to the tracks. Fact is, he demanded it. Dominion, you know. Jupiter at a distance
Discourse with Jupiter       It's best to approach the big man somewhat warily, but once you've made eye contact, things are cool.
      Not exactly the way Adam did it, but that is a different Universe! So, what's so bad about posing with a Roman god? The Jupiter Touch
Chatting with Jupiter      The topics of our discussion are not available for public disclosure at this time.
     Yes, it's just as well the microphones were all off during this exchange. Appears that Harold was rather agitated over something! Heated Discussion?
Deeply Listening      Sometimes it can be rather difficult to follow the thread of conversations with Jupiter. At times like these, a respectful silence is your best policy.
     Jupiter's jokes are indeed command performances. Ribald, enthusiastically appreciative noises are your safest course. Jupiter's Jokes Audience
Portrait with a Roman god One last pose with the Jupiter, god of the Garden Terminus!