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This Page Created on November 12, 2007
Leather Oaks from the East presents a stunning view! If you know exactly when to look, this can be your first view of Leather Oaks, the Residence!! The paint job and red metal roof are about two years old now, and nature is knitting things together nicely following Hurricane Katrina's depradations. So much has changed the last few years, and with all of my first time visitors, I've put together a few photos of the place, along with a foretaste of my own tasteful poses. Hope you enjoy!!
Looking down my driveway, if you successfully find the number, here's what you might find. Even though I carefully repainted my Leather Oaks Logo when the rest of the house was done, time has been less than kind to my scroll saw artwork. Leather Oaks, the Logo presided over by Pleatherman Harold!
Leather Oaks from the front Walk The view from my front walk is sunnier than it was in the past, but the tower room sure has added an arresting difference to what had been a rather pedestrian view.
Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you come up. Having a good time? We'll be right with you.
Melon Man awaiting you!
The Tower Room Towers Over Melon Man! You'll be seeing much more of the Tower Room, once you're well on your tour.
The shadows are at their best early in the morning. I took this photo before Church.
Ironman Harold gets Eastern Exposure
The Incredible Shrinking House, or Has Harold put on Weight? Even better shadows if that is possible!
  I'm not sure how many photo sessions have featured this old wetsuit, but you can try to find them all, if you wish.
Going Back Home!
     More shadows! They seem to be telling me that I'm keeping you from your Leather Oaks tour. Please enjoy my Web Site, and tell all your friends. Especially tell them of the shadows!!
Harold's in Shadows