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This Page Created on December 27, 2008
      Hello there! My name's Harold, the humble host of Leather Oaks, which is both my home and my lifestyle.  I've got just a few things it seems one has to say on Web Sites these days. It cuts down on the slings and arrows, as it were!

First off, about photos. Every photo on this site, with very few clearly noted exceptions, was either made by me or for myself. Please respect my copyright! I'm happy to have links to my site, even to any interior page, but it saddens me to find my photos appropriated with no credit and little justification. Particulary, I will not give permission for any commercial use of my likeness!

The same thing goes for text. I always give credit when I do quote someone. Otherwise, everything you read is a creation of my own colorfully demented and sensually imaginative mind. When you quote, I DO expect to see something similar to this:

The Celebrated Web Site, LeatherOaks-dot-Org notes
that Leathermen Live Lustfully Latex and Rubber - Laced Lives ! !

¿ ¿ ¿ Parental Guidance Required ? ? ?

My motto has always been, "It's Better to Conceal than Reveal", ever since I heard Dinah sing that to Doris!   You'll never see frontal exposure nor gratuitous acts depicted on my site!   But, I guarantee you that I get into some pretty exotic gear, and while I try to keep my descriptions balanced, they do sometimes cover topics overly sensitized folks might find objectionable.   This is your warning that if you're under the age of consent, or have a low prudery threshhold, please press that "BACK" button on your Browser Now ! !


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