Blue Lycra Bodysuits

Blue MaleClingy Coverings with Alternative Adornments

This page was last updated on: June 22nd, 2002.
     This is the "mud-free" ManClingy path!  I'm not sure exactly why, but the blue lycra "John" has never taken a mudbath!  I have enjoyed it in a variety of ways, some I'm sure were never visualized by its makers.

     The Farmer John "Diveskin" was around when I first found one of the "Toxological Protective Coveralls" from our Uncle's surplus stock.  I know, I was supposed to be Inside the suit, but then you'd have missed the liquid coolant capabilities of the Blue Lycra!
Water Cooled Blue Lycra
Pondering Blue Lycraman      About a year ago, I was wanting to take some leather photos, but it was sort of cool. So, I thought I would use my blue lycra as the first layer.  The collar is somewhat studded, and not of lycra, I should add.
     I hadn't been resting long when I felt my glasses being removed and replaced with a head harness:    One should always be suspicious of unqualified relaxation. <Vulnerable Blue Lycraman
Recumbent Blue Lycraman      Well, at least I get to relax again, but someone wanted to demonstrate the ability of lycra to show bulge.  What better way to amplify a man's masculininty than with a pair of genuine Lederhosen?  Should I be embarrassed?  Why, certainly not, I reply manfully!

     Wow, what a baleful glare <G>!  Am I happy or not?  At least my basket is more centrally displayed, and it shows no sign of shrinking, either.  Is there a flap below that could be closed over my blue lycra privates? Surely you're not suggesting I should use it <G>!

<Seated Blue Lycraman
Blue Lycra Butt       We don't want to wear out our blue lycra welcome, so I guess we'll be moseying on outta here about now.  So long, Pal!!
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