Bent Tree Leathers

and Twisted Oak Rubber Gear

This page was last updated on: November 19th, 2001
     Remember Daddy Oak?  Well, he's back, and bounded by burnished neoprene rubber.  Hat is Black Diamond. Exposed Nudeoprene At Daddy Oak
Oak-Shaded Biker Shorts     While the color balance is precarious, the smile is infectious, as the Mister S Biker Shorts always produced in me!  I'm standing in the "stream" of my first garden pond.
     At the other side of the younger oak shown in the previous photo was this wonderful fallen limb I called the crotch.  My photographer at the time, Al, and I made a great game of thinking up new ways to use that accident of Nature to our advantage.  Of course, this photo is called Cat on the Crotch! Cat On the Crotch
<Another Oak Crotch      In a sleeveless rubber Tee and heavy rubber Trunks, I'm barricaded by the oak crotch!
     If you look carefully, you can see Daddy Oak to both sides of the younger tree.

     The view below has a lot to offer, I'd say, when a man can emulate the spread of an oak!
Twin Oak Crotch
     Another Oak, another view of my Brass-studded shorts.  Instead of the Scottish look, this time we're Western Rancher Stud, with biceps on tree and leatherman.  I think the tree wins!
     The hat was a find at a Canon City GoodWill Store.  The brass-studded chaps had, alas, wandered into the wrong territory -- a Houston Biker shop called Leather Forever. So eager were they to rid their store of "colorful" leather, that they insisted I take them for $5.00!!  The Apache Boots hug my legs nicely over even the tannest of leather.
Brassy Studs & Bicep Tree
Brass & Oak Biceps      Did I hear someone just then?   We are very close to Neptune's Knoll, and my droll friend always has something pertinent or otherwise to say.   Well, I'd best turn and face hime, I guess.  NB -- there must be a link somewhere hereabouts!)
     Maybe you've figured out that these were my two favorite trees.  Losing them when I moved Leather Oaks to its current, River Location, took some adjusting. 
     The Jacket and Chaps are from Expectations, while it's those old puckered latex briefs.
Expectations Jacket & Chaps
Red Mail Jacket & Chaps      Way over on the Neoprene page, if you've been there, I warned you about this photo!  I know I was very depressed when someone who used to be a friend told me who wore this style of jacket first!!
     But alas, I still like it, although I never could find that single white glove which I was told was part of the outfit!
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