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November 10th, 2014
This is the reason for the “Beer” appelation on the page. We have two additional beer photos that didn't fit anywhere else. I seem to be asking, “Where are the porters?” Where are the porters?
Jungle-side trains       Just off the left side of this photo is Discobolos: Things are pretty compact on the Rubber & Rawhide!
      Chinese Bamboo forms an extensive part of the fence line plantings at Leather Oaks. Their sudden, majestic rise from the Great Green's lawn provides a perfect backdrop for, what else? More kilted rubberman photos! That's the Lot Circumnavigation Route track just in front of the monkey grass. Harold at the Bamboo Border
Track Inspector      Danin sure knows how to bring out the inner imp in a rubberman. No I don't believe some of these poses, either!
     Caught with my mouth open again! Is there anything else exceptional about this picture? You want what?
Cameo Harold      One of two cameo images. Danin took more than a hundred photos of essentially the same content. You're being spared over ninety percent of them!
     When the cameraman says, “Stoop!” one doesn't even ask,“How much”! Stooping Cameo Harold
Bamboo Immersion Bamboo can be itchy stuff against bare skin! It was with some trepidation that I moved further back into it for this photo.
     Beware of the Creeping Bamboo Wall! I bet this pose marks the end of the Bamboo Section. Beware the Creeping Bamboo!