Motorcycling through Sweat

An Avoidance Strategy!

This page was last updated on: July 5th, 2002.
         I really like one-piece riding suits, and go through considerable discomfort for the supreme pleasure they provide on the actual ride.    This past Independence Day, I had determined that, without fail, I would (A) wear such a suit while riding (inside an air-conditioned house, while great fun, does not earn me any riding credits) and (B) take my favorite two-hour walk without attaining to heat prostration.
        I thought I had taken all of the appropriate precautions: Wearing one of my lighter weight suits (You've seen it before, described as a "leisure suit"); and bringing a half-gallon container of lightly-iced water with me.
        The discerning viewer will note that the two-way zipper on my suit is open a few inches at both the bottom and the top.    At riding speeds, this unventilated suit really felt fine!   Just in case anyone is checking, the boots were found at a "Do-It" {yourself} store in Japan last January; called "Alligator", and sported a "Made in China" label.
Bushed Bulged Biker
Groin Pulse Check          Secondly in precautions, is the planning that my hiking attire would be at the minimum, providing protection from sun for my shaved head, and social security if I should happen upon any Card-carrying AFA members sharing the trail with me.    First, though, perhaps I should check my pulse at my inner thighs?  The sun conveniently being behind a cloud, this also counts as cooling off! !
         Finally, "down and dead" walking stick at the ready, I'm geared up for my two-hour trek along the Tuxachanie Trail
         Trail?   You say I'm off the trail?    Well, I guess I did take a short break just to enjoy the shade along the Spike Buck Branch of the Tuxachanie Creek (such a fascinating name, don't you agree?)
         Yes, the bikini is zip-front, and yes, the zipper was employed for air circulation purposes at some times along the two-hour hike <G> !  Incidentally, the water was crystal clear until I waded in to pose this photo, and again and again!   The leather "DanBana" has a non-leather woodlands camoflage secion for additional head cooling, while the boots are Genuine US Royal neoprene, and yes, the socks became pre-drenched about this time (squish, slop, squish, slop . . . .).
Hiker in Spike Buck Creek
Hiker on the Trail!!      This is the beginning, the path stretches ahead of me, with just a few mudholes for decision points (dodge or dabble).  See yuh in a couple hours, OK ? ?
     Well, it's been a slack day:   I only startled three horse persons, after a most refreshing rain along the trail.    Did duck for cover once when a pickup truck happened along.
     Just before re-hydrating and re-suiting for the trip home, here's one last pose of that great quilted jock.    Did I say there's an Olypmpia Cup and a JockUp under it, for both impact protection and enhancement?
        If you've enjoyed this trip with me, I'd like to hear from you.    Please write, and let's make that next trip a two-man affair! !
Seeking Jock Biker
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