Butterscotch Leatherman Bulge

Butterscotch Leatherjock Container

LeatherJocks Pleasures Rediscovered
A renewed appreciation!

     My leatherjocks have suffered a sharp decline in activity for the last few years, as I switched to wearing layers of conventional jockstraps sandwiching a wild variety of JockUps.  The six or eight O-rings I wear as a near permanent manhood foundation make it a much greater challenge to pack my meat into their pouches, even those that used to seem overly ample in volume!

JockUps bulges do place special demands on pants flies, I've found.  Short zippers on otherwise conventional waist pants are the most serious problem.  The great butterscotch racing pants featured here are a worst case in point.  Once I altered the waist to fit me trimly, I despaired of ever wearing them in an unemsaculated manner!

Well, I do NOT enjoy replacing zippers, so what was an erotically enthusiastic leatherman to do?  I decided to go for the more compact pouch of a leatherjock to build a bulge in better keeping with the pants' "conservative" design.

The two-tone, cabretta pouch had been almost too big when first made, until I stuffed it with a Duke Universal hard cup.   Figured, this might be small enough to work, and large enough to enjoy.  Let's see if I remember the drill:  Grease the equipment, pop my nuts through the back of the pouch.  Despite my cock already being at three-quarters staff from the attention and remembered responses, I was able to coax its greased shaft inside, and folded across the top, with my cock tip loving the foam lip of the hard cup.

I snugged the jock's single padded leather strap into my ass crack, and tucking the hem of my leather skinshirt down low, pulled the waist band tight.  All those sensual memories of leatherlust induced erections flooded back as I coaxed the butterscotch brown leather racing pants on.   Sure enough, the pants fly cleared the cup, although the seat was hard against my butt cheeks during the rise.   Pulled up the pants, zipped and buckled, and it felt and looked great!   A discreet male bulge, and in full butterscotch brown leather.   To keep the full leather motif, of course, I found some laceup Ropers that almost seem to belong with the outfit.

Accustomed as I am to almost total genital awareness, this combination renewed old pleasures and awakened new ones.   The remembered sensation of male moistness as my tautness ebbed and flowed.   The new and old experience of leather pants flexing at my butt crack as I walked was more than enough to keep my smile going.

Love my leatherjocks, even when they're not visible, they're doing their work, making manhood a constant experience of pleasureable dimensions.