Guest Book Rules and Guidelines

A collection of politely expressed opinions.

Leather Oaks, the Web Site, has been gracing the Internet since Christmas Eve, 2000.  We have tried to maintain an Edwardian standard of civility and "tone", while presenting the owner's interests and persuasions with some verve and panache.  The enthusiastic comments of friends and visitors say we've done pretty well in that endeavor!

From that first month, we've offered guests the opportunity to post their comments about what they saw and liked: By and large, those comments have been as intriguing and varied as our guests, and most were highly positive.

Recently, Harold has noted several attempts to hijack the Leather Oaks guest book by some who seem to have mistaken it for their personal web log, or communal cesspool.  It is neither! We never thought to have to explain etiquette on what is meant to be a fun project, but we DO have our standards! Here they are:

1.  All postings must have a name associated with them.
2.  Any e-mail addresses or URLs given must belong to the poster. (NO commercial messages!)
3.  Please be polite and use standard English. (International visitors may use their native tongue, of course.)
4.  We're very sorry, but entries that don't meet these rules, and any that seem to be "BLOG" material will NOT be posted for public viewing!
5.  To quote everyone's Mother (all together, now .  .  .) "If you can't say anything Good, don't say anything at All"!
6.  If you've a question or (perish the thought <G >) complaint, please e-mail me (the link is at the left).  You'll most likely get a more timely response that way!

Despite our best efforts, there are some creative folk out in Cyberland who are so flagrant in their humourous creativity, that even with the questionable veracity of their entries, we've not had the heart to delete them.   We've begun collecting these into a separate Strangers Guest Book page.   Understand, that unlike the regular Guest Book pages, some of these entries may have been edited to remove content that violates Rules 3, 4 or 5!