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robert stacy Tuesday, 5/29/01, 1:50 PM
Harold, It's invigorating to note, after an acquaintanceship spanning fifty years, that there's not only something new under the sun, but something new under other things as well. Cheers. Yours in anti-priggery (Whatever happened to Auntie Priggery?) Robert
From: new york new york

paul Friday, 5/25/01, 6:48 AM
hi man just took a peek at your site via allkinks jocks etc looking to swop jocks etc any offers cheers ..paul in sweaty jock
From: u.k.
E-mail: paulfatboy@hotmail.com
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Banjo Bill Thursday, 5/24/01, 12:49 PM
Provocative indeed but not obscene, old friend. And you give fair warning to any who approach. One wonders why there is strong Auburn offense unless powered by envy of gray-hair combined with nekked muscles and stuffed bags--in perhaps the best shape of anybody in the class of 1960, I suspect. Thus your well-earned revenge. Oddly, narrowly sexual content, in the sense of reference to overt sex acts with people (or non-people, unless we count implicit oaks)seems totally missing from your site. It is all there to be read in; and you end, as humanity is said to begin, in a garden, with a running Adam
From: Bowling Green
E-mail: BanjoBill2@aol.com

Gary Sunday, 1/28/01, 7:57 PM
Hi Harold, Just was browsing your web page and had to stop and tell you what a fantastic job you have done! I love what I see and it looks like you are living my dream. To be able to wear rubber and leather all you like (I also wear it all the time at home) and to have a nice place with lots of space, land and trees. Sounds like paradise to me. Also just wanted to tell you how fantastic you look in all your wonderful rubber and leather outfits. Sure would like to meet and become friends with a person like yourself. Best Regards, Gary
From: Las Vegas
E-mail: IMFiddler@aol.com
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leathrubb Sunday, 1/28/01, 1:38 AM
Hi Harold, I thought I had a lot of gear myself but you do have a wonderful collection
From: UK
E-mail: leathrubb@aol.com

Richard Moore Saturday, 1/27/01, 8:54 AM
Hi, You never cease to amaze me with new inventions. We must find something to do with ourselves. Good luck with your new adventure. See ya! Your old pal, Richard
From: New Orleans, LA
E-mail: opera48@hotmail.com

Richard Moore Saturday, 1/27/01, 8:53 AM
From: New Orleans, LA

Ginny Tuesday, 1/23/01, 9:13 AM
Hi Harold, Congratulations on your new web site. When I lived in Michigan, we had 48 of those huge oaks on our property. Someone was always after us to sell them for profit(to a lumber company, of course!). Not worth it.I'll be back to look at some more. G
From: you know where
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paul frank wrubel Monday, 1/22/01, 6:48 PM
harold, you have done a good job. it is very good and a lot different form a lot of others i have seen. it is unusual but then that's you. i hope to come there someday on my bike and pick up my helmet and goggles. i am starting CHEMO tomorrow so we shall see what will happen. all my best to you. frank
From: plant city, fl. 33565
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E-mail: bootfranbk@aol.com
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CARLTON Sunday, 1/21/01, 5:37 PM
Great site. Love that lace-up vest shirt! You look good in that. Been awhile since we talked last. I drive to NY often, but all my trips (3) through I-10 happened before I was aware of your location. Maybe someday soon! I'll let you know. NAM
E-mail: NAMREHTAEL@aol.com
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Mack Sunday, 1/21/01, 12:23 PM
Great, interesting site. Photos are really hot. A Leather Lovers must see and add to his favorates. Excellent job! Congratulations, Harold!!
E-mail: drjock@hotmail.com
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Bob Trump Sunday, 1/21/01, 10:49 AM
Howdy bud. Glad to see ur page. Got me a lot 0 new jo material here.
From: St. Louis, MO
Web Site: Bagbasher
E-mail: Bagbasher@AoL.com

Alex & Janet Sunday, 1/21/01, 1:15 AM
Hey, Looks Great!!
From: Singapore

Art Tassell Saturday, 1/20/01, 7:30 PM
You rascal, the site looks terrific! Keep building! See, ya, Art.....
From: OkC, OK
Web Site:
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Andy Thursday, 1/18/01, 1:49 PM
Can't wait to see the other pages once you um...get it up!! Great fun. Your a very hot man...can we see more of you in and out of the leather? How about some jockstap pics (naturally with you in them)? Have you made any yourself? Do you sell any leather jockstaps? Good job sir!
From: MA
E-mail: camppaw79@aol.com
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Steve Wednesday, 1/17/01, 12:53 PM
This is a wonderful thing of self expression. The humor, the day to day life and how you have incorporated so many passions. Thanks for doing this. There are of course a lot more questions, exclaimations and celebrative remarks. Perhaps one day I will connect with you online to share. Great Job!!!
From: NC
E-mail: stm1000@yahoo.com

Bill "RbbrWiZrD" Houghton Tuesday, 1/16/01, 2:26 PM
Well my leathery/rubbery friend, you've put together a very nice site here. And of course, I am looking forward to whatever you add to the site, especially any new rubber and/or latex photos you plan to post and display.....woof! And don't forget those HARD JOCK CUPS there, too.....yum. (o: Got you bookmarked, so will be 'visiting' you regularly whenever I can, alrighty? Take care and keep up the grrrreat work!!! <g>
From: Vancouver BC Canada
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E-mail: nrthwnd@rocketmail.com
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Phil Lesbirel Tuesday, 1/16/01, 6:07 AM
This is a great home page. Can't wait for the other pages to be brought on line, especially the rubber and motor cycle gear. Keep up the great work.
From: Darwin Australia
E-mail: phillipjohn3830@netscape.com
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DonCarlos Monday, 1/15/01, 7:48 PM
From: Ohio
Web Site: mong
E-mail: mong@erinet.com

Jimmy Wead Monday, 1/15/01, 7:37 PM
Thanks Harold, that is really a treat. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to a visit. I still love my RUBBER HIP BOOTS ( GOODALL) you got for me. Keep RUBBERED!
From: Houston, Texas
E-mail: Ballygawley@pdq.net
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Joey Monday, 1/15/01, 7:15 PM
Harold, real nice site. Keep up the good work!
From: New Jeresey
E-mail: Leathernik@aol.com

Mike Farrell Friday, 1/12/01, 9:25 PM
Harold, I am impressed with your web page. It is well thought out and flows better than most pages I have seen.It must be hard to be as open about things as you have been. I have always admirred you and observed from a distance. We have alot in common but then we are different as day light and dark. PS I definitely need some help and ideas for my poor attempt at a web page Mike/2001
From: Harold, you know: down the road from you!
Web Site: Tractorworksinc.net
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David Thursday, 1/11/01, 10:24 PM
Harold: Twenty pounds huh? Woof! Coming along really fine my good Friend.
From: Canada
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Harold Sunday, 1/7/01, 7:02 PM
Hi Harold, Just wanted to say hello!
From: Biloxi