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How to take cheap plastic and hot rubber and make a sleazy stream from it!
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This Page Created on February 29th, 2008
Harold by the Skeletal Stream Wow! Look at all of that moving water! The difference in ground heights works to one's advantage in taking pictures from downstream. I've never been able to get a convincing similar view from the other end.
One of my favorite poses from a great session! I think Paul (Mister Bunyan, of course) used the Grand Canyon for his stunt though, didn't he? Harold Bunyan straddles the Skeletal Stream
Skeletal Stream Straddler Harold      A similar pose at the same place. Gives me an opportunity to mention the folded-down condition of my Square Cut Trunks. I think they look even better this way. If you can look at the Skeletal Stream, it still pleases me that I was able to get all those cascades working so uniformly!
     Oh, maybe you never knew how deep the bulge was on those trunks. There aren't any socks in there, honest! Staked out Bulge of the Square Cut Trunks!
Downstream Skeletal View      Finally, a view downstream! Not as dramatic perhaps as the other way around. But we get a little sun facing North.
     The bulge angle is not quite as extreme. You could call it a kindler, gentler pose, if you wish. Skeletal Stream Profile View
Skeletal Stream at Twilight       Uh-oh, I think we've skipped forward a year! When the Pond Society decided to move their tour to mid-July, it left me rather hot. I thought it would be a lot more fun to do an evening tour. This is one of several photos taken in June, 2004 in preparation for that event. Only Hot Garden folks ever get to see these! It was taken around 10:00 PM, if memory serves.
     The previous picture was almost too dark, so I got up early one morning to take a few photos just before dawn. This photo is from that session. Skeletal Stream at Dawn
Skeletal Stream Today!      Fast Forward three years and change, and here's how the Skeletal Stream looks today. Well, what one can see of it. Now that my gardener has retired from his day job, he's making it a priority to get the trailing daisies under control!
     One final photo for now. There are many more, but they seemed to fit other places better.
      Can you believe?  We've reached the end of the entire Skeletal Stream Section!   I guess the only way to go now is somewhere else.  Please use this link to return you to the Hot Garden Main Page!
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