The Leather Oaks Hot Garden -- Skeletal Stream

How to take cheap plastic and hot rubber and make a sleazy stream from it!
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This Page Created on February 29th, 2008
Fitting Trivets to the Cascade No, the cascade's not going to be two feet above the ground! I set PVC pipe sleeves in the ground to make it possible to remove each pondlet individually.
     Looks level to me! It wasn't nearly as hard as it appeared, especially with so much water readily available! Bet the other pondlets go even faster than this one. Looks level to me!
Cascades Two and Three Set!      Wow! That went fast! It appears that all the pondlets are in place except for the deep basin.
     Time for a hose break, apparently. Frequent water flow tests improve morale, besides providing pondlets level confirmation. Hosing down the Skeletal Stream Work Place!
Skeletal Stream Engineer takes a Welcome Break!      It appears as if yet another work break has been called.
      We can take this opportunity to point out that the PVC sleeves are visible just above the ground, at the base of each trivet leg. I suspect it was rinsing off the excess dirt that we were really doing in the last photo!
      Well, there's the above-ground deep basin. How is this going to work? And, if I had set those trivets so carefully, why is there a big brick at the back of the last Cascade? Deep Basin in Place
Skeletal Stream Southern Terminus      Goodness! Only four days after we started and it looks like we're ready for running water. Oh, yeah, I didn't get a pump yet. Maybe this is a good time to stop for a break!
     Yep, I think there's been another gap in coverage. For one thing, those are my rubber Tom briefs that I'm wearing now. It appears though that the pump shortage has been cured, but the plumbing is not particularly imaginative! Skeletal Stream Operational Debut
LeatherBound Stream Admirer      Only two days later, and my absolute favorite rubber trunks, dressed up with just a touch of harness. This may be as close to a formal dedication as the Skeletal Stream ever received!
     It was a lot of work getting each of those cascading lips to work right, but the results were worth it. You'd have thought there was a much bigger pump being used than there really was.
      To see the next phase of the Skeletal Stream story, please follow the photo link to the third page!
Harold by the Skeletal Stream