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This Page Created on February 21st, 2008
Haven't I seen you somewhere? I have the funniest feeling that I might have used this photo before, but I couldn't find it Oh, Well!
     It sets the stage for what's to come, though. A good bit of skin, a lot of rubber, some sweat, and some machine-generated rain. Sounds like the makings of a great party to me!
     The scene of course is the Leather Oaks Pond, the date, oh let's call it May of 2000. It was an earlier time, a beginning digital era. I had ten seconds to get in position for each photo, so it was an athletic era, too! Bended Knee Department of Rubber Display
Leather Oaks Pond Human Interest Photo      I believe that these were the rubber briefs I made from some very rugged innertubes. Those perceptive folk may realize that what first appears to be waders are in fact three parts. Alas, the molded brown latex Seal Dri stocking foot waders are no longer made, so you needn't ask!
     I went through this phase of using sections of wetsuit pants or shirts as ersatz knee and elbow guards. Still think it looks neat, here almost eight years later! Leather Oaks Pond again!
My Favorite Oak Tree      My favorite Live Oak, while it lasted. This would have been March 2001, during the construction of my Tower Room. I did actually spend sometime outside during that period!
      Another view of the same scene. Mark's plantings had enjoyed six growing seasons, and everything was maturing quite well. Bent Oak Pose
The Daddy Sago has a visitor!      The Daddy Sago, the sire of the Sago palm that gets mentioned on every Leather Oaks Garden Tour, lives a quiet, secluded life on the Southwest Corner of my lot. He's not that unaccustomed to my visits, sometimes wearing maybe a little less than this time. May 2002 would be about right.
     Red and black rubber. Do they go well with dark greens? Somehow, they didn't make it to the floral page! Nasty Pig Trunks and Gates Waders at Sago Daddy's Place
Rubber Tough at Tower Hill      I like this shot a lot! Wish I'd made more in the sequence, but didn't realize how well it would turn out. At the time, in June 2002, these were my most extremely bulged shorts, but I have some wetsuits now that can show even better! Somehow, the Memorial Bell Tower makes a good backdrop for such displays.
     My late lamented wader bibs, hiding out along the Magic Portal trail. This was Midsummer Night, 2002!
      Something else I need to tell you -- this photo is your link to the second page of RubberNSkin Garden delights!
Wader Bibs in Magic Portal