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This Page Created on December 20th, 2008
Harold in the November Sun A very classy pose, even if I say it! Would have been better without so much sun on my face. There had been just about six weeks for the pond to recover from Katrina, and if you didn't know, the changes wouldn't be that evident.
     Well, that water doesn't look so healthy, but then someone in big waders has been stomping around Pipe's home! Aren't those the old LaCrosse military issue? Black Water in the Pond?
Wader-top water alert! Let me see, if I kneel just enough so that water won't top my boots, do you think my bronze friend Pipe will take notice of our presence?
There now, Pipe, we were just kidding, okay? You learn any new melodies on that water-based instrument? Mind if I join you for a bit? Down at Pipe's level
Water Music Appreciation This is much better. Your platform is just the right height, well maybe there's a bit of seepage, but nothing between friends!
Of course, as soon as Neptune heard that I was in the area, he called for a visit. Lot more airish than this time last year, isn't it, old Sir? Neptune and Harold
Adjusting Neptune on his Pedestal Looks like you're still a little away from your accustomed place, so let's see if I can help. That was some wind, wasn't it?! Sure glad I missed it!
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