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This Page Created on December 20th, 2008
I can spread THIS wide! I can spread THIS wide ! Isn't it great to be flexible, and rubber covered, and abundantly bulgy all in one photo? Well, it felt even better that that.
     Mike had finished recontouring the ground where my big Western Oak used to stand, and it seemed the area was just calling for a mite of imprinting.
     Wow! This must what they mean by getting down! Okay Mike, you can zoom out a little! Bulge-centered Butterfly
Low-angle spread-eagled butterfly      We do go in for some extreme camera angles, but all for masculine art's sake! The ground isn't as soft as I had hoped it would be. Is that why folks usually wait for snow?
     Oh there you are! We'll begin the dirt butterfly construction soon, I'm sure. Spreadeagled rubberman
Rubberman on freshly tilled earth      It's a shame to detract from the immaculate dirt grooming with something as trivial as a butterfly. Wouldn't you prefer a dragon or gargoyle?
      You still here? This sun feels great, I'm just charging up energy. You know neoprene develops such an internal sheen when sweaty! Sunning in quarter-inch neoprene
Butterfly in a Sensual Heat      And that internal sheen. You know what happens to me when I feel that interal sheen developing? It doesn't all go to my bulge, so don't believe my hands!
      Speaking of heated sensuality, why don't you click on the linked picture? The butterfly may wing the earth yet!