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The Earth Skier

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This Page Created on December 19th, 2008
Harold and the Umbrella Frog See, I have this old suit that's rather plain on both sides. No exposed neoprene to it at all. Not nearly as intereting as green frog skin. What should I do? Go out and ski, you say?
     Umbrella frog didn't say where to ski, So where should I look? Any bodies of water nearby, or I know, a slope! Earth Skier faces the morning sun.
Which way IS the slope, anyway? North? South?      Now let me think , will the slope come to me, or do I have to seek it out?
     Well, this is a little bit of a slope. Did anyone see the ski lift? Where's that ski lift?
Pondering the lowlands      I dunno. You sure this is a beginner's slope?
      It's such a nice day, let's just rest up here on our earthen perch for a while. Earthen Summer Rest