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This Page Created on December 20th, 2008
Lounging on the low ground We were making pretty good progress in filling the hole where the pin oak tree had been. It was still a mite low, though. Made a good natural lounger, so of course I had to try it out.
There! This feels even better. You know, I wonder what would happen if we didn't fill this spot in? More lounging in the sun
Boots and Butt burrowed in! Yeeeaahhh! Now, we're getting there -- Boots and Butt burrowed in! Shoulders nestled against the straw. Can nature offer anything finer?
OOOooohhh, YEEaaahh! Thanks Mike, that red earth makes a great blanket! Do you have any more where that came from? Blanketed in Red Earth
Spreadeagled Red EarthMan The SpreadEagled Red EarthMan is unable to respond to your call at this time. If you need assistance, please bring more earth!
Was there some magic to the stick and earth ball he found? Mike seems to be remaking Harold as a genital image in earthen erection! Harold the Red EarthMan?
The sleeping EarthMan Eyes YOU! The sleeping EarthMan Eyes YOU! Yes, we mean you there. Oh, right, it's nort a corncob pipe after all.
      There is another whole page of Red EarthMan photos though, if you care to "click ON"!