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This Page Created on March 5th, 2008
Beauchat Buccaneer at Wader Wall It was a reasonably comfortable November morning, and that seemed as good as excuse as I was likely to find for checking on the tree situation here at Leather Oaks.
     The roofers-cum-arborists had completed most of their work, and I was eager to see how my favorite trees now looked as stumped remainders of their former selves.
     But first, let's check in on the Skeletal Stream. Remember, most of it was tossed like salad by the big Western oak's fall onto my neighbor's garage. The half-buried kidney pondlet was undamaged, and it appears to once again have rather clear water. Any wildlife? Beauchat Rubberman at Skeletal Stream
Harold at rest in Skeletal Stream      Well, I guess this might have been a work day! It does appear as if the Skeletal Stream has seen a restoration of flow on its lowest cascade. Quite a change from its former length, but an improvement will occur in time!
     More surely than you can say, Beauchat Bulge, the stream is indeed flowing. Isn't flexible plumbing wonderful? Now, when did you say we can get the construction permit for Skeletal Stream Two? And, will we ever get a good water feature, some hunky bronze stud, for example, to take this as his rightful place in the Leather Oaks Garden? Patience, patience, my friend! Skelatal Stream flows under Beauchat Harold's rubber butt
Beauchat Harold astride Baby Live Oak      My smallest Live Oak had always been something of a problem. We had to prune off a lot of dead limbs even when Leather Oaks was first beginning as a suburban garden destination. He'd suffered long under too many hulking, upstart pines, and besides was rather close to another of his brethren. The combination left him vulnerable, it seems. The crazy thing, almost nothing around him seems disturbed. I seriously considered leaving the stump exaclty like this.
      You see? Just beyond and to the right of my head? That's the only place he broke ground! Eventually we did decide to remove him to allow other nearby shrubs to fill out normally. Live Oak roots behind Harold
Summoning Rubber Energy      There are other downed oaks, and therefore other hills to climb. I'm summoning the rubber energy necessary!
      Speaking of energy, why don't you click on the linked picture? There's another page of Buccolic Beauchat photos to come!