The Leather Oaks Hot Garden -- Lameuse Street Era

The Rubber and Leather Beginnings
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Relaxation in Rubber Such a relaxing pose, and it's pretty easy to do, too! Maybe that's why I keep coming back to it. But Al had a way of getting just the right expression from me.
     This photo would have been right at home in the Leather and Skin department. It has to date from about 1986, as I got a new bike the next year. I did keep my 1982 Honda SiverWing looking pretty sharp, most of the time. The codpiece briefs are a much-enjoyed purchase from Mister "S", if memory serves. The brown rubber irrigation boots were from some forgotten flea market excursion. Silver Wing Polishing
Nutcuddler in the stream      It's called the Nut Cuddler, for good reason. There's no room for JockUps, but it's one intense package created by working myself into that leatherjock. I bet I'm barefoot, but you probably suspect that I peeked!
     Oh, I thought Al moved the camera. Where are you, Al? My face was fogging the lens, you say? The thinks I'll do to please my photographer!
      There is a good point to make here: You notice how well the crack strap is aligned with respect to my butt crack? It takes careful adjustment to achieve that symmetry.
Nut Cuddler Rear view
Body Glove on Shadow      That's my first one-piece leather riding suit, the leather-lined Body Glove. Before another company started using the name for wetsuits, a retired gentleman in England made these unique suits. Mine still fits and feels just as good as new, but finding the weather to wear it on the Gulf Coast is something of a challenge!
      Of course, that's my second motorcycle, the Honda Shadow 700.
      I've looked and looked at this picture. You see, there was no shrub there. I know! For reasons lost to time, Al had me holding a cut tree or shrub branch.
      The rubber suit is an Expectations Ranch-style jacket and chaps, both in rubber. The rubberjock is from a forgotten supplier.
      Another sign of the age of this photo. I had very long hair then.
Expectations Chaps and Jacket
Expectations Suit at Pipe's Place      Back in the Lameuse Street Era, Pipe was the destination of choice! And wearing full rubber in bright sun, there was more than one reason for the choice. Yeah, that feels MUCH better!
     One last photo at Pipe's side. It was a smaller world back then.
      This was all of the Lameuse Street photos I could find. If you need help getting back to the Hot Garden Base, there's a link on the photo at right which will take you there!
Pipe and Harold