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Bronze Age -- Heavy Metal Friendships and more!

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This Page Created on January 16th, 2013
Bronzey and Rubber Harold      I've tried and tried, to date with no success, to identify the group I call the Bronze Trio. There doesn't seem to be any myth about them, and no one knows their names. For now, I'm calling the eldest, Bronzey (pronunciation your choice). You'll be seeing a lot of Bronzey and Harold on this page. Sometimes we'll let you catch sight of his two young cohorts and keg holders, as it were.
     The photos on this page alternate between two different photo sessions. For the leather session, I had the help of my friend Wolf in operating the camera.
You get to see the younger bronze men in this view, their backs seemingly willingly bent in supporting their elder brother's keg.
Bronzey and Leather Harold
Harnessed Harold and Bronzey      If you look real closely, you can see the keg pouring out into the pond, seemingly through my bent leg. Sometimes you get more than you expect!
     Since this is an old bronze, we thought my old leisure suit leathers would make the guys feel more comfortable. But that doesn't mean you have to ignore me, guy! Harold and the Bronze Three
Upstaging Bronzey       Harold inches his way along the parapet, carrying on a constant stream of meaniningless repartee.
      Bronzey studiously ignores Harold's every move.
      Okay guys, you were going to explain to me how this all works. How do you share the proceeds? Harold relates to Bronzey
Relaxing with the Bronze Guys      The soothing gurgle of the constantly pouring keg relaxes Harold. It's a great place for garden reading, actually.
     The bronze trio seem to be getting some of their personal space back. It's probably their best photo. Chilling out with Bronzey and the Guys
Hitchhiking with Bronzey      Fringe Leathered Harold makes one parting attempt at humor. Would you hitchhike with this bunch?