Happy Saint Valentine's Day

To Brian from Amy and Leather Harold

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This Page Created on February 14, 2009
Amy says Hello Dear Brian,

Your girlfriend, Amy has told me so much about you. I'm delighted that you chose to share Leather Oaks, the Web Site with her!

She asked me to send you a Valentine to show you how much we both appreciate you. I've thought and thought, trying to come up with an appropriate sentiment. Harold in Deep Thought over Brian
Reflecting on the Humanity of Man We've both noted your wonderful ability to reach out to others who enjoy life and its sense of wonder and humanity. It's your one trait that we find especially touching!
We deeply admire your many touching gestures, your friendly acceptance of others and your joyous appreciation of alternative rubbermen. Admiring Rubberman
Saint Andrew and Harold Saint Andrew (Remember, didn't Andy and his buddy Valentine used to run around together?) and I were hanging out the other day, and we both reflected on your affection for Amy. Isn't it great that in your time together neither of you feels bored or cross?!
Looking back on the last four years of our association, sometimes in the shadows and sometimes in light, we've worked to make of life a play. Looking back at life
Happy Valentine's Day! Finally, Brian, a heartiest, happiest Valentine's Day to you and Amy. May you enjoy a life of love together!

Love in Rubbery Leather,

Leather Harold

P. S. Amy approved this message, saying that, "a little birdy told you that he was a fan!"