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This Page created on September Seventh, 2015

The 2015 Leather Photos

Gothic Harold It was a struggle finding even one suitable photo for this year's Leather card. A strange pair of boots in the "Steam Punk Gothic" style seemed as good an excuse as any to wear Vera's three color riding suit.

The boots show up even better when I'm seated (linked photo). Their full name is now "Demonia Steam-30 Bronze Combat Boots " and they are still available!

There were truly next to no leather photos made this year! This photo is of my 30-year old Harro Kombi. That's a pair of full-rubber chest waders being forced into service as an impromptu serape. Latex Waders Serape

The 2015 Red Rubber Photos

Harold amidst Harness This is one of my better beard-centric poses.

The linked photo may be very familiar to those who received my "Black and White" Card. It is a subtly different pose.

The chest was one I found on the side of the road, looking so disreputable but with so much character. After a thorough cleaning and several coats of polyurethane, it's well worth a photo op!

The linked photo is an additional pose. Of course, all of these photos were made in my Tower Room.

On the Leather Chest
Banistered Rubberman On the bannister in red rubber — so daring!

The linked photo is another one taken with me perched on my Leather Chest!

"Hallelujah" for Red Rubber! Let's shout it to the hills! This is one of my favorite poses.

One final view of the Red Rubberman precariously perched on the Leather Chest. Anything to fill out the sequence!

Rubberman Joy!

The 2015 Yellow Lycra Photos

OOh — So Slickery!

Book Head! Our photo session began in my Great Room, and of course we had some nice leather sofa poses. Sometimes I do read, but that's such a dated way to acquire knowledge, isn't it?
My first leather pal was Leather Legs. It started as a mistaken attempt to alter pants which were much too large for me. I'd been reading that bolsters could improve rest, but long slender pillows from Bed and Wherever just didn't connect.

So, what's so foreign about a stuffed leather boa?

Leather Legs Cuddle
Yellow Booted Stair Dweller Staircase photos have long fascinated me. It's harder than you might expect to get the right vantage point, I know to my frustration trying to do so! Danin made several, and it was awfully hard to choose between them.

The photo distributed on the Yellow Lyrca card has the stronger sensual appeal, I think.

What was I seeing that you can't see in the linked picture? Upstairs, I'm thinking.

There's a whole lot to see in my Tower Room. I think that's one reason we have so much fun trying ideas. It also gives Danin a chance to try out his best wide angle lens! As are most of the pictures we took upstairs, this one faces north towards the Balcony.

The linked picture shows the opposite direction, to the south and Grandfather. I did "optimize" the cropping for modern computer screens. Enjoy!

Yellow-chaired Lycra Man

The “Black and White” 2015 Photo Selection

Sure, we'll show you our Artistic License

Compact Floored Rubberman Finding a compact arrangement can be so satisfying, don't you agree? Getting comfortably into that rubber niche, as it were.

There was a similar pose on the Red Rubber card, but nothing in the restricted spectrum department seemed to pair well with this one.

Does a color-filtered photo count as black and white? This is the only shot in the session where Danin applied this type of magic.

There truly isn't another one like it, but it reminded me of this alternative view of the Lycra Saddleman. See what you think.

Colorized Harold
Saddled I'm not terribly fond of "body parts" photos, but this was a neat pose. I think it was the constrast of shadows that drew Danin to this idea.

The linked photo? I don't know, Danin! It took you four tries for a "chesty"? Oh, I guess it could be termed a "Beardy."

Danin gave me four similar pictures showing the Saddled Lycraman, framed by the Tower Room's Balcony door. The link is one of the alternative versions. Framed Lycraman