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This page was last updated on: November 20, 2001
    While this photo has already been published on the website, I thought I'd just slide it in here for those who might have missed it. Green Riot
Another Green Riot       When I bought this suit from BGummi. I asked him to install a relief opening.   If you look carefully by my innertube jock, you can see the contrasting green color.  Of course, JockUps were employed in this Bulge Build!
      Who's that masked man in White Rubber?  Could it be the Ghost Rubberman?!!  Let's follow him, I think he's about to visit the small swamp. . . .
     This laminated rubber drysuit was ordered white side out.
Ghost Rubberman
Standing Swamp Aquala       There's an almost invisibly small relief tube on this suit, but what do they know?  And, what's this grey goo I find myself standing in?   Primordial Ooze, perhaps?
      Looks pretty dank down there, are you sure it's safe?
     No, but it's wet and cool, and there's safety in rubber numbers! Care to join me in my puddle?
     Somehow, my Garden looks rather tame aafter that! We're in the Garden Now!
Aquala Wearing Buddies       One of the most memorable events in my rubber life was the one year  got to attend the East Coast Rubber Run.  I really thought it should have been called a Rubberman's Retreat, since it had that kind of feel to it -- a place where rubbermen could relax and feel natural in their rubber.  Here Bill/RbbrWiZrD  and I exchange rubber hugs.
Clowning around with Brian >> We were founding members of the E.C.R.R Glee Club!
      Hint, yes he uses Jockups, too!
Rubber Buddies
Sad Surf Suit NOTE:  The title of this page was changed at the demand of the current business owner whose predecessors made suits such as the one at the left:  The experience kinda left me flat!!  Well, some of the suits are OK, I guess.
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