Nudeoprene Coverings

A Study in Shiny Sensuality

This page was last updated on: November 20th, 2001
    One of the neatest things about neoprene is the way it readily takes on a sheen.  This outfit features one of five similar wetsuits I bought from Sportsman's Guide:  Each has been modified to some extent, although this one is almost "stock"!
     The gauntlets and gloves are electrical linesmen's.  I made my own harness for the gauntlets out of innertube sections.  This photo could have gone in my Bent Tree section, too.
    The linked photo is a favorite surplus conversion.  The Farmer John was a mite snug in the crotch, so using my Express Jock as a pattern, I made a big pouch out of innertube rubber.  The Bike rimless banana cup fits perfectly inside.  To reinforce the front, I made what I call a "codplate" from the IT rubber, and cemented it in front.  It's Spring by my pond, as you might have gathered.
Gauntleted Nudeprene Johnsuit
Palmed  Waffle Basket      Some of my most enjoyable conversions have been of a much briefer variety.   I've done three different sets of trunks cut from old wetsuit pants.  This pair was my first, from waffled (a small herringbone pattern, actually) neoprene.   I think in this photo I've folded the waist a little lower than it was actually cut.  Keen observers will find a link to more photos further along this page!
      Ah, the marvelous Quintana Roo, foundation garment to a host of wild rubber creations.  Montgomery Leathers did my harness about 15 years ago.  The gloves are "industrialized" Linesman.  The gas mask?  An Acme Fullvision, of course!
     From the Power Panel to the Pump House is but a few paces at Leather Oaks. Where could I have misplaced my mask in that time?
Seated & Masked Quintana Roo
Bound Roo and Neptune      Fortunately, my good Buddy, Neptune was able to help me find my Acme.  (Anything to get me into his element!!)
     Speaking of the Acme, it's a pretty good bubble blower for testing my Ironman full suit in the cool tub.  (Water temperature is in the low 80s most of the year, to encourage alternative attire!!)  Somehow, this suit seems to call out for further accessories.   I'm thinking that rubber harness, perhaps constructed from O-rings, might be in its future:   How does that resonate?? Ironman in Mask
Quintana Roo Quick Suit & Chaps      Quintana Roo does offer other gear than their Full Swimsuit.  I've gotten more swimming mileage out of their Quick Suit.  Here's it tastefully set off with leather chaps (Mexican import!) and an old Linesman's climbing belt.  The link -- if you care to take it -- will show you yet another aspect of my interests: Gaudy crossed messages!
Neoprene Riot & Mickeys      When's the next Riot?  I go through these phases, you see Officer!
     Didn't those Mickey Boots shine up nicely?
     If memory serves, that funny pointed hat (See linked photo) is a Swiss tanker's helmet!
     I've never seen a horned eagle before, but I've worn his headdress!!  And, as promised, these are the second pair of modified shorts, from smooth neoprene.  Still ended up using the waffled neoprene for my pouch -- rough usage, ya know.<G>   While the eagle was a loan from Brian, the shorts are frequent favorites in a variety of ways!
Eagle Headdress & Waffled NeoBulge Shorts
Nudeoprene Bongi Bounce       One of the highlights of the ECRR was Jerry's appearance with his Bonji Bounce Harness.  Here Bill/RbbrWiZrD's warming me up for my big swing!
     "You're sure these Bonjis can take all of this stress?"
      "Well, you don't have the weight record," was Jerry's reaction, as I recollect!  I think I'll go look at garden swings!!
Another Bongi Bounce!
Spiked Qunitana Roo       One more time for the Qunitana Roo Full Suit, this time adorned with Max Cita's spiked collar and Shoulder Suspension Harness, not to mention my old friend, Byron's Lifting Belt, and "Industrialized" Linesman's gloves.
     The photo at right affords you a closer view of the Studded Doberman Collar.   You know, since I've been wearing it, no one has bitten my head off!! Chained & Collared SlickSkins
Ringside Boxing Jock Outboard of Slickskins      It's been nice chatting with you, but I think I'd best gird my loins in a red boxing jock and go bring in the Laundry . . .
     As all true believers know, jockstraps should always be line-dried:  Well, it's a fence line, isn't it?!
     That old Acme mask really gets around, doesn't it?  And, the shorts, well you might, just might have seen them on my Rubber Worker page.  You might also agree that this application has more entertainment value for the occupant though, wouldn't you?  More photos are only a link away!! Harnessed Waffled Shorts