Harnessed Enthusiasms, Page Two

More or Less Concealed, but always Contained!

This page was last updated on: December 26th, 2002
     Welcome to Page Two of my harnessed enthusisams.   I've deliberately held back a couple of neat sequences for you lucky perservering souls!

     I know, my hobbles are worn a mite high  -- they're so HOBBLING when worn lower, don't you find?  Remember, I did say I wanted to at least maintain the pretense of work!
     I wonder how high I can get up my FM antenna tower wearing this gear?   Will you catch me if I fall?
How did I get way up here?
Cane-Bound Brown Waders     The borders of my lot have several large cane patches which do a great job of improving privacy.   It does come with a small price tag of occasional thinning, to keep the canes from weeping across the whole yard.   Cane leaves are itchy and trying to cover up gets too sweaty, so what's a rubberman to do?   Brown neoprene waders to the resuce, best worn on a cool, rainy day!  Of course, one must get intimately acquainted with the cane, as I actually burrow down to each offending cane's base to cut it off at the ground.  Looks like I've just come up for air, here.
      After cutting the cane, I fold it to five foot lengths and bind the bundles so the city's workers won't have to overtax themselves in picking them up.   In the meantime, a bed of oversized straw fells awfully good through brown neoprene.   Great "in-use" shot of the hobbles, too! Bound Neoprene Recliner
Northwest Hobbled Waderbulge      Ya know, any of these three photos would have been right at home on my Waders page, or under Bulgebuilding.   It's so hard <G> keeping them separate, so why not let them play together?   These are Kmart's finest Northwest Territory waders, although they haven't the insulation to deserve such a name.   Bulge management is provided by JockUps, my favorite linesman's belt and those great hobbles.  It was a mite warmer, and earlier in the year, since my wader wall has many more pegs and pairs on it now!
      Many decades ago, I had found a cartoon character in a newspaper ad.   It was supposed to be a mythic warrior, wearing this really neat harness, and carrying a badly chipped battleax.  I decided to NOTcopy the ax, but here's my take on the harness.   Read on!! Melon Right Profile
Melon Ensemble       This full frontal view shows the sort of Tom of Finland emblem on the harness's shield.   Enjoy!!
     Boots in all three of the photos are the great Burly from LaCrosse!  Actually, I do like staircases . <G>
     Before the Hobbler was allowed to float, he was required to breakfast.   Actually had to prepare his own breakfast, loaded with chains and leather.  Was that suit called "Iron Man" or Iron Bound??   I made the ankle cuffs about 20 years ago, with real shearling linings.  Kitchen Slave in Chains
Flying Chainbearer      You want me to fly in all this gear? ?   Oh, "fry".  Eggs and smoked turkey breast coming right up <G>!
     Finally, I escaped from the kitchen, and doesn't my garden look green?   Natural sun and shadow do wonders to increase the sexiness of rubberman attire, don't you find?   And the neat thing is that even in relief, my bulge lives!! Garden Rubberman in Chains
Suspended Belief      Wow, how did I get up here?   And what is this room ? ?   A Tower, you say ? ? ? This suspension harness sure is comfy, but when did you say you'd be back to let me down?   Well, take your time now, you hear, I'm flying fine ! !

     So, "What Tower Room?" you might be asking.  The link below will take you to the whole story!
This way to the Tower Room!
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