Harnessed Enthusiasms

the Brown Leather Beginnings and Rubber Outreach

This page was last updated on: December 23rd, 2002
Western Harness
    My interest in harness began almost before my discovery of leather.  I've always favored the widest belts I could find, the heavier the better.  It was a natural progression, first to Western leather, then Western Harness.  Jake of Hangin' Tree Ranch made this for me.
Western Harness and Apache Boots
Brass and Brown Harness with First Bikini       A little later, I decided to try my hand at making a harness.  The photo below shows the result.  My oldest leather Bikini also dates from the same time, so it seemed only natural to combine the two!!
Back then, as a matter of course, my Brass-framed Waterbed had leather sheets and spread --  Could there have been any doubt?!  The spread was from Parr of Arizona; I made the pillows.
     Mister Teddy and I enjoy some quality time, in matching harness, vest and chaps. Harold and Mister Teddy
Click on the photo for a rear view!!      Just to show that I now no longer restrict my harness wear to my bedroom, I present this "front porch" edition.  Methinks  the automatic flash thought there was enough sunlight!
The harness is meant to suspend one when already otherwise immobilized.  I must try that sometime <G>!   In the meantime,the look and feel are plenty good enough.
     Another view of the same harness, with a spiked collar for effect and a comfy lifting belt for heft, over the inimitable Quintana Roo Racing suit. Suspension and Spikes Adorned Quintana Roo
The Harness Corner Sentry       Just keeping warm in my little Harness corner. Care to come on in? Indulge in some contact sports??
      There's much more harness in my collection.   Future updates will feature other gear, as I get everything together!
      You'll also see more layering in the Rubber Themes, Motorcycling through Life, and Masculine Mounding sections. Be on the lookout too, for bonus crosslinks here and there!
Let's hear it for Latex, as a harness foundation.  Herewith is the Parke Hooded catsuit, nicely set off by Mongomery Leathers' Bondage Harness. Hooded Catsuit in Harness
Philadelphia Harness        And here we have Living Room harness, as might be experienced in Philadelphia!   At least, I'm assured that this harness is so named.  The leatherjock was another of my early enclosed pouch creations.
      You'll see more photos of this combination on the Leather Jockstrap page, when you find it!   Back in my pre-neoprene era, it was a perennial favorite. Brass Woven Jock and Brown Harness
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