Leatherdrobe Kombis

Green is not my only riding color

My closets are well-organized!

And my databse is expanding!
     Some few of you may know that I keep daily records of the rubber and leather gear I wear.  Here's the One-piece Kombis section:

Leathers Description
BBO Blue Blue Racer
BGO Body Glove
BSO Black Leisure Suit
EFO Electric Navy Flight
FSO Flight-suit
GFO Farmer's Bib Overalls
GKO Green Riding Kombi
GLO Gunter's Leisure Suit
HKO Harro's Kombi
MDO Moto Dome Italia
NBO New Snug Leather Bibs
RBO RoadRiding Black
SMO German Slate Machinist's
TRO Top Rider Racing
ZRO SuZuki Racing Colors