Earthy Leathers, Page Two

A study in Un-Black!

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2004
     I love these wide angle views, don't you?   They're so satisfying to pose, if you know what I mean!  The discerning viewer may note that there were several photos of the same outfit on my "WHY Leather Oaks?" Page".  You'll also find complete details on the gear, too.   Of course, this is a deck photo. Deckside Earthiness with Brass!
Aviator's Pants      These pants are roughly my age, according to the label inside!  Yep, they're genuine Naval Aviator's pants from World War II.   The jacket's a couple of decades newer, I believe.   The label says Golden Bear from California. The little aviator's cap is a reproduction, and you'll just have to forgive me for the shirt!
     Here's a second view of the Aviator's pants.   We're sorry to report that this photo is rather fuzzy.  It was another end of day session, and the light wasn't as good as it seemed. Naval Aviator Pants, again!
Antique Cordovan Jeans      Remember the Antique Cordovan jeans?  Somehow, they made a trip up to Alaska last summer!  It just "happened" that there was a gift shop, with large outdoors section attached, near where we were working.   And, they just "happened" to have these Viking black rubber hip boots (along with several other styles) available in my size!   Photo was made by my friend, Jim Sulver.
     More Grey, but of a machine variety.  I'm informed that these are German Military issue to their Submarine machinists!  There is a jacket that comes with the set, but it's tame by comparison.   To keep in the nautical theme, I'm wearing it over a sleeveless "Nudeoprene" wetsuit!   Well, the boots are a little out of character, but what would you? Grey German Machinist Coveralls
Profile View of German Machinist Coveralls      A second view of the German U-boat machinist's pants or coveralls.   These coveralls, along with the jacket, have actually been worn internationally, on my one trip to Vancouver!
     Now, something entirely different!  The other day I was feeling entirely too vulnerable, and felt that only a layer of metallic proctection could allay that fear.  The Chain mail jockstrap in Bronze was a collabarative project with a West Coast maker of such prodcuts.  I wanted to be sure there was plenty of room for my usual layers of JockUp protection, so I sent him two of my finest, along with the heavy lifting belt, to build his creation around.   Dear me, it appears that my orange silicone O-rings might also be on display! Bronze Chain Mail with earthy leathers and boots
Another Chain Mail View      In case you can pull your eyes away from the bronze for a bit, the shorts are the same you saw before with the brass studded codpiece, while the vest is a Mexican import.   The very sharp looking rubber boots are by Guide Gear, from Sportsmen's Guide.   Somehow, a wider stance seems perfectly appropriate while wearing this gear!
      Please follow the link for a third page of earthiness moving to a Western flavor in leather.Follow me to Earthy Western Leathers!
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