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This Page Created on February 21st, 2008
Rubber Gladiator Awaits You! All these Roman Fantasy films look great, but they're so Gory! I figured I'd copy a gladiator's kilt in inner tube rubber, so at least I can rinse all the gore off. Just kidding, but the outfit's surprisingly fun to wear.
     You caught me at a rest break. Think I should greet folks on the next Pond Tour in this rig?
     Well, the Magic Portal is as far as I've gotten with that idea, so far! It was November 2006, but the weather was still mild. The kilt drapes very well, the inner tube rubber actually having more body while still being flexible than the more conventional leather. Gladiator at the Magic Portal
Fern-covered Rubberman      December 2006. I know nothing about why this photo was taken. That's my oldest sleeveless wetsuit I'm wearing, which maybe is excuse enough.
     One more photo of the same outfit. Of course, both were made in the Leather Oaks Pond. Still awfully green for mid-December! Guess that quality time with Pipe was worth it. Pipe and Harold through the greenery
Sprinkled Rubberman      Another 10 month gap moves us along to October, 2007! That water's getting no warmer, but rubber heat appears to be the offsetting value. I believe that those boots are the ones with shafts built from pond rubber. Seems appropriate, somehow.
      Naw, I'm not going to get wet. I'm heading for drenched, instead. You see that big cloud of sprinkler-generated rain heading towards me? Facing the Sprinklers!
Drip-drenched rubber and skin
     This is all a therapeutic endeavor, adding just the right amount of rain to provide sheen on a man and his rubber gear. The lengths we go to in producing pleaurable photos!
      Can you believe?  We've reached the end of the entire Rubber & Skin Section!   I guess the only way to go now is somewhere else.  Please use this link to return you to the Hot Garden Main Page!
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