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This Page Created on February 21st, 2008
Drenched Rubber Worker! The Leather Oaks Garden has a very efficient sprinkler system. I know, because I installed it myself!
     There are times when sprinkler systems must be tested. Plants grow, impact heads stick. What's a rubber-loving sensualist to do, but make the most of it!
     These photos were part of a larger set made for the Rubber Worker section, but these seemed to be some of the more playful shots. Some think rubber looks best when it's wet. Certainly, the "marshy area" along the Leather Oaks Garden path looks really wild when fully drenched!
      Well, a fella's got to relax occasionally, doesn't he? Even metal tractor saddles are so satisfying, in a thoroughly masculine way.
This feels so good!
Don't Flinch ! !      This series would have been made in August, 2003. It was a very productive photo session, as visitors to my Rubber Section can attest! Oooh, I think the sprinkler's about to hit us with that 68-degree water. Don't flinch!
     Another 13 months later, and I'm a little dryer! Here, I'm inspecting the Leather Oaks Pond a couple of days after Hurricane Ivan. Looks pretty good from my vantage point. Wadered Pond Inspector
Harold and Pipe      Pipe seems to have fared well in all the wind. Actually, in some ways, Ivan improved appearances. Well, if you like that heavy windswept look, anyway!
      Neptune didn't appear bothered at all by Ivan. Well, he's just trying to forget the branches that fell near him this time. Neptune after Hurricane Ivan
Harold on Marshy Trail      The Marshy Trail looks as good as ever a few days after Hurricane Ivan.
     I'm sure that some of you have been regretting the small amount of skin visible on several of these photos. Well, we hear your concern. This could have been a work photo, as I have to mount the top of the pool cover to clean parts of the deck gutter! King of the Pool Cover
Where did this come from?      I seem to be pondering how to get this section of gutter guard back in place. Even from six feet above the ground, the Chinese Bamboo makes an impressive backdrop, and provides great privacy too.
     My twin two-by-four contraption for crossing the pool cover is the closest I've ever been to being a high wire artist. Can they kneel like this?
      I need to tell you again -- this photo is your link to the third page of RubberNSkin Garden delights!
Kneeling on the high boards