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This Page Created on January 14th, 2013
Rubberman in the Iris I'm told that there are many varieties of Iris. This bed is of Butterfly iris. When they do decide to bloom, the blossoms are about thumbnail sized, and you could say they resemble butterflies.
     I guess by now you've figured out I'm wearing the same outfit as on the Harnessed Tourguide page. Most of those poses were vertical, while all of these are horizontal.> The Irises are only bent!
It's called a bed, Isn't it?      The bed of Iris is apparently becoming an alternative bed for Harold. There's something so peaceful in seeing a rubberman in repose.
     How many ways can you relax in the same place? Getting down in the grass!
Hands awake?      You know this bed is really pretty comfortable, comsiderig its ad hoc nature.
      The Lilies are coming! The lilies are coming! Seemingly from out of nowhere, lilies now adorn the supine Harold. Canna Lillies and Supine Harold
Floral Bulge Dressing      I knew those Canna lilies would come in handy. This pose just needed a little more dressing.
     The stark reality of Harold's magnificent bulge is somewhat softened by the floral arrangement. Flowers to the Bulge
Rest in Rubber      A final view of the non blooming iris and the recently cut Cannas.
      Harold will now leave the grass and invites you to join him by pressing your brower's Back Button!