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This Page Created on January 13, 2013.
This started it all! Yeah I know, black rubber is beautiful. Shiny black rubber is the epitome of rubberman expression. We've followed that line for a goodly way, but there are times, and these may be the times, when a little local color is in order.
The red rubber Tee and trunks were a popular new combination when I first got them over 15 years ago. I took a whole series of poses down my Magic Portal.
     Some of those poses were seen by certain parties that found them in poor taste. Do bulges look better in black?
Clearly, the Forester boots were the stars in these photos. They're way too stiff for much of anything but stomping up to the next tree you're intending to chainsaw. Needless to say, I neve tested their capabilities in that way. Sharp and tough were good enough.
Sideview of Forester Boots
Oblique Bulge      Ah, this is better! A good, clean, look in your face but not really meaning it bulge! And imagine, I wasn't using JockUps back then!
Well maybe just one. A small one, conservative, you know.
     One of the best poses from this series!
      I should explain that the red gloves are Linesman's electrically insulated glove liners turned inside out. Of course the outside is the usual old black!
Rubberman Pride
Classic but Colorful Vee Stance      The penultimate pose in this set. A nice, centered Vee stance, and you notice I've carefully kept my hands from getting too personally occupied. It's a miracle, really that.
      Is this the one you've been looking for, maybe even dreading? I should point out that in those early digital days, I was limited to what closeups I could do. Too close, things got disconnected, too far they got fuzzy. I think we'll call this an in your face rubberman basket bruising bulge. Knuckle Up now! Disgusting Red Rubber Basket Case
Too little Blue, but a bruiser of a bulge!      We have now left the Red spectrum. Please do not adjust your monitor!
Folks who have visited my JockUps section may know that I make JockUps from lots more than your grand dad's wetsuit! One of my kinkier materials is what I term “Knuckled Foam”. I've always admired the very low rise “Tom Briefs”, so named in honor of the iconic artist, Tom of Finland. I thought, why not try to create a pair out of this most improbable material? And just to up the ante, why not build in a bulge based on my Curved Uplifter style of JockUp?
     To date, this is still the most bodacious bulge I've been able to create. There may be bigger, but none more detailed!
The Knuckled Foam material is rather unyielding, so I knew I was going to have to allow some assembly everytime I pulled the trunks on. The brass grommets eventually received threaded studs, so I could fasten it with bullet shaped nuts.
Turquoise Bulged Tom Kneeling
Unrubber but very brief!      Somehow, this pose sneaked in under the cloak of darkness. Not rubber, only lightly colored. But very VERY brief, with even a hint of pubic hair. Where's the censor when we need him?