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This Page Created on March 5th, 2008
Pin Oak Root Ball Climbing It's a tall order when you take the root structure of a big tree and turn it on its side! 'Twas definitely taller than me.
     I did make it to the top, or was I dropped in by chopper? Harold atop Oak tree root ball
Harold Surrounded by Radial Trees      One of the neat things about this series of pictures is the way the plants radiate from the root ball. I'd forgotten that there were other plants in the area. Unfortunately, I didn't remember at the time, so all of them are gone.
     I'm seem to be once again gathering my resources. What do you suppose could be my next move? Harold Gathering Resources
Harold contemplates a prone climb       Naw, I don't think this will work, but should I try it anyway? Sure seems awfully steep, sticky and rocky down there!
      Well, suppose I slide down? Yeah, might be rather agonizing in this thin wetsuit. You want me to slide down THAT?!?!
Cleaned Up Beauchat!      Wow! This is an abrupt change! I bet that we've jumped a couple of years forward. Obviously, my Beauchat was spared the indignities of a ripping ride down that tree's root ball. We'll present the rest of the newer session later, Okay?
      In the meantime, the photo can serve as your link back to the Posted Katrina selection page.