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Harold's Roman Influence My friendly Texan, Lee Hill, gave his extensive leathers, swimwear and bikini collections to me just weeks before he left this world. Even though he's been gone now almost 20 years, his memory remains in some of the most remarkable gear in my collection.
     Is it a Roman Toga? An Alley Oop tank top? I can tell you, it's a leather-lined heavyweight from Expectations of London. With the companion codpiece briefs, they make an overpowering statement, or something like that.
     This partial side view gives a better look at the pouch, and if you can tear your glance away, the lacing. Lee was a Big Man. After all, he was a Texan! To get the not very briefs to fit, I had to lace the back and front panels separately. Oblique View of Caveman Harold
Sleeping on your feet again?      Honest! I'm not asleep on this warm Sunday morning. Just wondering when the lawn sprinklers will catch me next.
      Bulge afficianados may want to click the link for a closer view. There were no (ahem) JockUps employed on this shoot.
     Off my left shoulder, you see it? The grey arc of the dreaded lawn sprinkler!
      Will its liquid charge dapple our Roman's leather garb?
Spraying Sprinkler Sportsman
Bekina waders equal to the Spray      We do seem to be getting sprayed, by well water we hope.
     Yes these waders are those tough and comfortable Bekinas.
      It appears that I'm still hoping for a good circular rain! Careful observers will note a few drops here and there.Still hoping for a good circular rain!
Wet Butt and Boots!      It does appear that we've met with some visible droplets of success. Guess I'd better go finish breakfast now!